FeraDyne Acquires Scent Crusher and Other Industry News

Scent Crusher sold to FeraDyne Outdoors; Cobra Archery granted trigger patent; and Paige Pearce and Mike Schloesser continue their 2022 tournament dominance.

FeraDyne Acquires Scent Crusher and Other Industry News

FeraDyne Outdoors Acquires Scent Crusher

FeraDyne Outdoors recently announced its acquisition of Scent Crusher. Developed from NASA-based research, Scent Crusher is a category leader in ozone-activated technology used to effectively eliminate odors on clothing and gear.

The addition of Scent Crusher complements FeraDyne’s full suite of popular archery brands into the general hunting and outdoor markets. This acquisition brings clearer focus to FeraDyne’s continued commitment to the extension of industry-changing technologies and product innovation.

“It is our desire to continue to expand our commitment to industry-leading technologies and brands in all corners of the hunting and outdoor space,” said FeraDyne CEO Todd Seyfert. “Dan Drake and the team at Scent Crusher have done an excellent job growing Scent Crusher through an unwavering commitment to the expansion of ozone-based scent elimination technology. We welcome the opportunity to integrate Scent Crusher into FeraDyne’s growing portfolio of industry-leading brands, and we are excited to partner and build upon the remarkable momentum that Scent Crusher has created.”

Since 2015 Scent Crusher has been providing hunters with a full line of products that leverage scientifically based research to effectively eliminate odors by killing the organisms that cause it.

Scent Crusher products include an extensive line of ozone generators, storage lockers and bags, totes and more, in addition to Copper Ion Technology-based scent-control soaps, shampoos and sprays. Copper Ion Technology uses charged copper ions that work as an oxidation catalyst to rapidly react odor molecules with oxygen from the air to permanently eliminate odors.

Cobra Archery Granted Trigger Patent

Cobra Archery was recently granted a patent on a trigger designed for archery releases. This new design has multiple applications that can be found in the wrist strap and handheld categories. Its no-travel design locks into position the trigger and hook, forming a solid resting position. The owner and designer Jake Major said, “The trigger and hook have independent axis points, and when rotated inward towards each other, creates a rock-solid position.

“This innovative design reduces parts needed and when set, it either breaks clean or doesn’t move. It’s one or the other, it has no travel.”

According to Major, this technology leap was conceived and sketched in less than 30 minutes. Since then, this innovation has been injected into their Moment, Select, Harvester and Professional release aids.


Paige Pearce Sets New National Record

Team Bowtech’s Paige Pearce continued her successful 2022 season at the USATs at Chula Vista, California, SoCal Showdown. After winning the first two events in the best season of her life, Pearce shot a score of 709 at the SoCal Showdown for a new compound senior women’s national record.

“I opened with a 356 on the first half of qualifying today, and then the wind started picking up,” Pearce said. “I tried staying calm and executing strong, smart shots through the gusts. My Reckoning 38 handled flawlessly in the breezy conditions, and I finished with a 353 to total a 709, and I couldn’t be happier. Breaking my national record has been my goal this last year, so I’m stoked I pulled it off."

As the SoCal Showdown, Pearce made it to the gold medal match but lost to Team Hoyt’s Toja Ellison. This is Pearce’s third year in a row finishing second at the SoCal Showdown.

Paige Pearce celebrates her new compound senior women’s national record at the SoCal Showdown.
Paige Pearce celebrates her new compound senior women’s national record at the SoCal Showdown.

“We are excited to be positioned to help elevate the growth of women’s archery," said Dave Parker, Bowtech’s vice president of product marketing. "At Bowtech, we are proud that Paige is the tip of the spear in this charge."

Note: Prior to her win at the SoCal Showdown, Pearce was victorious at the ASA event in London, Kentucky, bringing home the Women's Known 50 title again. The Women's Known 50 is a rapidly growing class and continues to feature more and more world-class archers as the season goes by. This victory was the fourth ASA victory in a row for Pearce. With one ASA to go, plus the final classic, Pearce has the 2022 Championship in her sights.


Mike Schloesser Is First to Capture World Archery Grand Slam

Team Hoyt’s Mike Schloesser recently won his first individual European Championship title, defeating reigning champion Yakup Yildiz in the men’s compound finals in Munich, Germany. With the victory, Schloesser made history by becoming the first World Archery Grand Slam title holder.

Schloesser’s achievement comes after having taken the World Championship, World Cup Final, World Indoor Series, and Continental Outdoor titles.

Commenting on his historic victory in Munich, Schloesser said, "I’m very satisfied, I’m really happy and I worked really hard for it. I’m just really stoked because this is something that’s been on my list.”

The European Champion win also means Schloesser currently holds six premiere titles, the others being, the World Cup Final, World Indoor, World Field, European Games and European Indoor championships.


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