First Look: Odin's Innovations Deer Attractant

Odin's Innovations introduces biodegradable Deer Attractant infused with doe-in-estrus urine.
First Look: Odin's Innovations Deer Attractant

Odin's InnovationsOdin's Innovations enters the whitetail attractant market with an interesting product that can correctly be described as unique. According to the company, its new Deer Attractant is effective, long-lasting and biodegradable.

The traditional method for deer hunters to place an attractant involved dumping it on the ground or pouring it on cotton wicks or rags. Odin’s thinks they’ve found a more effective system.

Odin's President and CMO Paul Black said, "At Odin's Innovations, we knew there had to be a better way. This unique biodegradable formula is a natural color that retains a strong attractant smell even after a heavy dew or rain, retaining its effectiveness for weeks, giving you an area to which bucks want to keep coming back. Over time, Odin's breaks down and naturally returns to the earth leaving your hunting area as clean as you found it.”

The biodegradable Deer Attractant is infused with doe-in-estrus urine. It’s available in easy to open and disperse 4-ounce packages, which can be purchased individually ($15.95) or in three-packs ($38.95) and six-packs ($64.95).

Odin's InnovationsSpreading the Word

Odin's Innovations has retained the services of RubLine Marketing to manage press and media relations. "I was very intrigued when we were contacted by Odin's,” said RubLine Marketing Strategist Chad Billick. “Their approach to innovation resulted in a long-lasting attractant that was not a food source and could return to the earth as a completely biodegradable product seemed too good to be true. But after using it, we knew Odin's would be a hit, especially to the public land hunter.”

About Odin’s Innovations

Odin’s Innovations is driven to develop high-quality and effective products for hunters and those who love and respect the outdoors. The staff at Odin’s applies new technologies to bring innovative outdoor solutions to hunters. The company’s tagline, “Better Than You Found It,” represents its commitment that every product it makes will be made using sustainable materials that are not harmful to the environment. Some products will be biodegradable when the application allows. Odin’s Innovations Deer Attractant is a patent-pending product developed and manufactured by Green Dot Bioplastics.

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