First Look: Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks

Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks provide a portable and safe method for on-the-go treestand hunters.

First Look: Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks

Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks were designed to meet the challenges of today's deer hunters. Lugging heavy, clanking sticks into the field isn’t only cumbersome, but it also puts whitetails and other game on high alert. Weight and packing are major issues with some ladder sticks, and the ability to efficiently pack a set of sticks into the field is often a challenge. This especially rings true in terms of ambush locations that require four or more sticks to safely access high lock-on portable treestands.

The Stacked Outdoors name is based on the product’s ability to stack and nest easily. Anyone can stack a set of these sticks in less than 5 seconds. No more time wasted fumbling around trying to get your sticks to stack together properly. No more tangled messes in the bed of your pickup or on the shop floor. Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks provide a lightweight, ultra-quiet, and compact solution for on-the-go deer hunters. And the strength of the sticks surpass the standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers Association.

Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks Design

The innovative one-piece design of these ladder sticks eliminates the need for moving parts, weld joints, and connections that have the potential to fail. The simple and compact design also helps eliminate noise when in use. Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks are made in America using a high-strength and impact-resistant custom polymer with a built-in UV inhibitor. The dull matte finish of the construction material won't give away treestand locations through shine, either.

Once in place, Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks provide a rock-solid and secure connection to just about any tree. The construction material in these sticks gives them the ability to conform to trees. Hunters will also appreciate the aggressive tread pattern and wider surface area on the steps and feel much safer while climbing in bulky winter boots. Your customers will no longer have to worry about slipping from a slippery metal ladder step or having their legs or other parts of their body injured by screw-in-style treesteps.

Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks require zero assembly.

Ladder Sticks Features

  • Long tree straps for large-diameter trees
  • Tree straps include large hand loop for easier grip and tightening
  • Bigger surface area with aggressive tread design for boots
  • No assembly or moving parts that can fail or break
  • Solid one-piece design
  • Dual strap post design for added stability
  • Heavy-duty cambuckle straps
  • Shoulder strap included

Ladder Sticks Specs

  • Weight: 2.35 pounds per stick; 9.4 pounds per set of four (without straps)
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • Ladder stick length: 21 inches
  • Distance between steps: 17.25 inches

MSRP: single stick, $39; stack of four, $149. For more information, click here.

Check out the video below to see Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks in action.


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