Fisher Cerakote Space Pens

Cerakote-coated Fisher Space Pens are built to weather adverse conditions.

Fisher Cerakote Space Pens

Fisher’s new series of corrosion-resistant Cerakote-coated pens are a great choice for outdoors men and women who need a durable writing utensil that will perform in challenging conditions, such as high heat and frigid cold. From penning preseason scouting notes to signing tags after a successful hunt, they are an excellent tool for any season.

Fisher Space Pen teamed up with NIC Industries to introduce two classic designs in a Cerakote finish — an innovative coating technology using ceramic and polymer to create a thin layer on any hard surfaces that provides a superior shield against corrosion, abrasion and wear. The classic Cap-O-Matic Space Pen (top photo) is incredibly long-lasting and versatile. Its cap activation makes it suitable in a fast-paced, rugged environment, and the matte black Cerakote coating makes it slick and pleasing to the eyes. The Chrome Bullet Space Pen represents a timeless design — an elegant and classic pen that’s an ideal size to easily carry in a briefcase, purse, planner, pocket or wallet. Since its conception in 1948, the Bullet Space Pen has remained a beloved, iconic American classic. With a Cerakote coating applied to its already artful appearance, it will continue to be a fan favorite. MSRP: Cap-O-Matic Space Pen, $24.50; Bullet Space Ben, $34. Contact:


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