Gear Roundup: Saddles and Climbing Sticks

Hunting from high places in full stealth mode just got a whole lot easier — and a lot more profitable for retailers.

Gear Roundup: Saddles and Climbing Sticks

Treestands — hang-ons, climbers and ladder stands — have long been the gold standard for hunting whitetails from an elevated position. Tried and true models from a plethora of manufacturers provide bowhunters with the ability to escape the prying eyes of deer — and their nose to some extent — and set up an ambush that will catch them unawares. Treestands — especially hang-ons and climbers — also allow increased mobility and the means to move from one location to the next with relative ease.

But there’s a new kid on the block, and savvy retailers are cashing in on a new trend in hunting from high places. In recent years, more hunters have taken treestand hunting to new heights of stealth and maneuverability by employing the latest and greatest saddles. Actually, these high trapeze contraptions have been around in primitive form as early as the 1960s. But only recently have they been gaining popularity as new models have emerged and public awareness has increased. Today’s saddles are highly refined for efficiency, comfort and safety. They typically consist of a fabric seat with a waist strap and two leg straps, bridge, lineman’s rope and tree tether. 

One of the biggest advantages of lightweight saddles is mobility — the ability to move from one tree to another quicker. Using a lineman’s rope and tree tether instead of a lifeline gives the hunter the means to ascend and descend almost any tree quickly, quietly and safely.

Whether it’s hunting from a hang-on treestand or saddle, it’s important to have a safe and quiet means of reaching your perch, and that’s why well-designed climbing sticks are a must-have bowhunting item. Efficiency and safety are the key considerations here. The greatest danger when hunting from trees is the ascent and descent, and high-quality and highly portable climbing sticks used in tandem with a hang-on stand or saddle take mobility and safety to new levels.

Hunters who want the most mobile means of reaching their ambushes can do no better than employing saddles and climbing sticks for their whitetail hunts. Here is an assortment that’s sure to catch the eye of those high-rise bowhunters who show up at your doorstep.


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