Great Gear: DRYGUY Force Dry DX

Every customer who enters your archery shop deals with damp boots during deer season. Here’s an affordable and dependable boot dryer that ensures comfortable sits in the treestand or ground blind.
Great Gear: DRYGUY Force Dry DX

One key to having warm feet or hands is keeping them dry, and this all starts with putting on dry boots and gloves at the beginning of any hunt. The DRYGUY (888-330-9452; Force Dry DX ($80) utilizes gentle forced air and heating (around 105°F) to quickly remove moisture from boots and gloves. It also helps prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorate your footwear and gloves over time.

Sure, convection-style driers work okay if you have enough time, but for a much quicker solution, you simply can’t beat forced-air drying (see graphic below). Drying a variety of footwear and gloves in about an hour, the Force Dry DX is perfect to use on boots and gloves in between morning and afternoon hunts.


Retail/Stocking TipDRYGUY Force Dry DX

Offer special package deals on the DRYGUY Force Dry DX during gift buying season and special holidays such as Father’s Day. Example: Throw in a free pair of wool socks on the purchase of Force Dry DX.

Finally, this is one of those products that’s perfect for leaving one at deer camp and one at home. Sweeten your giveaway deal if someone buys two.


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