Host an Archery Shop Steel Target Challenge

If you want to host a unique archery event, then offer a steel target challenge with top-notch prizes for brave and skilled shooters.

Host an Archery Shop Steel Target Challenge

P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Archery Supply shows the small hole archers had to hit to avoid smashing arrows into a standing bear steel target.

Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like a close-range encounter with a mature buck, bull or bruin, but not far behind is the thrill of competition. And taking it one step further, the pressure really intensifies when the target is made of steel, with only a small opening in an animal’s vital area for safe arrow passage. 

Click here for a short video from P.J. Reilly (above) of Lancaster Archery Supply to see how the company used several steel targets during its June 2021 Customer Appreciation Event. Lancaster was smart to provide its steel target challenge at no cost to consumers. After all, the company knew it would receive a high number of arrow orders after this event! Prizes were donated by various outdoor manufacturers, and ultimately the winning name for each steel target station was drawn from a bucket that included tickets/names of those shooters who successfully completed the specific challenge. The maximum number of tickets per person per station was five; this ensured that no single shooter with Levi Morgan skills could attend the event and walk away with all the big prizes.

A steel target challenge at your archery shop doesn’t have to be this extensive. Maybe you have an indoor range only. Fine — then have steel targets set up at 10, 15 and 20 yards, or just one or more steel targets at 20 yards.

Note: Online research doesn’t reveal a source for purchasing steel targets like those used during the Lancaster event. I checked with P.J. Reilly and he said Lancaster Archery Supply had its targets made at a local machine shop. Assuming you won’t host a steel target challenge until next spring or summer, you could spend time this winter finding a source for your own steel archery targets.

A steel target challenge day is something you could promote via social media, or it could be a target you have on display during your weekly archery leagues. Brainstorm with your staff the best way to use a steel target in your shop.

One thing is for sure: If you build it, they will come. Peer pressure among bowhunters who shoot league together is too great for someone to sit on the sidelines. And a big prize, like a new flagship bow at the end of archery league season, will definitely drive interest.

Steel target carnage from the 2021 Lancaster Archery Customer Appreciation Event.
Steel target carnage from the 2021 Lancaster Archery Customer Appreciation Event.

If you’re curious how it went at the Lancaster Customer Appreciation Event, then watch the YouTube video below from pro shooter/hunter/YouTube personality Chris Bee as he tries his hand at all of the steel targets. Hear all the ringing in the background? Those are new orders for replacement arrows!


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