Hot New Broadheads for 2017

Today’s top broadheads prove that not only can our latest cutters fly just like field points, they can also finish the job by creating devastating wound channels and horror-movie-level blood trails.
Hot New Broadheads for 2017

Rage Hypodermic Trypan

The latest in the Hypodermic line from Rage is the 100-grain Trypan ($55), which is anchored by a streamlined titanium ferrule to ensure that no matter what type of bone you hit, this head won’t be compromised. The Trypan also sports .039-inch thick blades (with a 2-inch cutting diameter), which open up to a swept-back blade angle that promotes wicked entrance and exit wounds as well as better penetration. To ensure those blades stay where they’re supposed to during flight, this head utilizes a Trypan-specific shock collar. Each three-pack also comes with a practice tip so you can broadhead tune without sandbagging a fresh Trypan.

For more info, visit or call (866) 387-9307.

Rage Turkey Broadhead

To keep bowhunters from losing turkeys, Rage has designed the devastating new Turkey Broadhead ($30/2). The cut-on-contact tip is followed by a pair of massive — and appropriately named — Meat Hooks that inflict maximum damage while simultaneously slowing the arrow down to anchor the bird and prevent it from fleeing. With its 2 1/8-inch cutting diameter, the Turkey Broadhead boasts two .035-inch stainless-steel blades that produce a whopping 3-inch initial entry hole. Weighing 100 grains, this mechanical broadhead is incredibly aerodynamic and utilizes Rage’s reliable Shock Collar blade-retention system.

For more info, visit or call (866) 387-9307.

Wac ‘Em Steel Expandable

The way the Steel Expandable ($45/4-pack) from Wac’Em is designed is important to understand. First off, a cut-on-impact tip splits the hide when it first makes contact. After that, half of the broadhead’s ferrule needs to penetrate before the blades deploy. Essentially, this broadhead drills its own pilot hole, which allows it to perform much better while preserving kinetic energy. Choose from either a two- or three-blade option (1 ½-inch cutting diameter) in this 100-grain head built with American-forged stainless steel.

For more info, visit or call (256) 502-9770.

Bloodsport Extreme COC

If you’re color blind, or simply love no-brainer blood trails, you should check out the latest from Bloodsport . The Extreme COC ($45) is designed with a 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter main blade and 2 ¼-inch cutting diameter mechanical blades. These 100-grain broadheads employ a 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and 420 stainless-steel blades to ensure that whatever critter they hit doesn’t hit back so hard that the broadhead is compromised. Lastly, the Extreme COCs are built with a patented blade-retention system, meaning you won’t have to worry about O-ring or rubber-band failures in the field.

For more info, visit or call (727) 234-4999.

Bloodsport High Voltage

If looks could kill, the High Voltage ($40) from Bloodsport would already be a legend. The 100-grain mechanical features a chisel tip and a trio of 420 stainless-steel blades. A patented blade-retention system eliminates the need for O-rings/rubber bands and thwarts the chances of pre-mature blade deployment. On impact, the blades open quickly to produce a monstrous 2-inch cut. Designed for use from today’s fastest bows, the High Voltage is sold in packs of three.

For more information, visit or call (727) 234-4999.

NAP Spitfire DoubleCross

Two-stage blade deployment ensures that the Spitfire DoubleCross ($40) from NAP will not fail under any circumstances. When measured together, the main blades (.030-inch thick) and the bleeder blades (.027-inch thick) of this broadhead offer a cutting diameter that surpasses 3 full inches, which is no joke. It is also designed with the bone-splitting Trophy Tip and NAP’s Spitfire blade-retention technology. The 100-grain DoubleCross is laser-accurate and approved for the fastest vertical bows and crossbows.

For more information, visit or call (800) 323-1279.

QAD Exodus 125 Grain Swept Model

By merely taking a look at QAD’s Exodus 125 Grain Swept Model ($40) broadheads, it would be hard to understand how different they really are from most heads. For example, Blade Over Shaft Technology results in a short-ferrule broadhead that closely resembles the length of a field point, which makes the broadhead-matching process much simpler. The .040-inch-thick blades, which offer a 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter, are designed with a steep blade angle that promotes penetration and allows for better performance on bone hits. The Exodus 125 Grain Swept Model is an ideal choice for anyone who plans to hit the woods with a vertical bow or a crossbow.

For more information, visit or call (434) 846-5839.

TruGlo Titanium X Fixed-Blade

TruGlo is best know for its advanced sights, rests, releases and stabilizers, but for 2017 the company now offers innovative broadheads as well. The TitaniumX ($41) family of fixed-blade broadheads includes heads for both vertical and horizontal bows. CNC-machined from grade-5 titanium, these ultra-tough heads sport a Tru-Cut one-piece tip for devastating cuts on impact followed by .031-inch-thick replaceable stainless-steel blades. The 100-grain Titanium X is available in three- and four-blade models for compound shooters, as well as in four-blade crossbow models.

For more information, visit or call (888) 887-8456.

TruGlo Titanium X Mechanical

The mechanical member of TruGlo’s X line, the Titanium X Mechanical ($41) is available in two- and four-blade options. Designed to expand immediately upon impact, the torque-balancing blades self-adjust to navigate around bones, causing ultimate damage to soft tissue and organs. The CNC-machined titanium ferrule promises strength, and the Tru-Cut titanium tip punches a hole for the blades and ferrule to track through. The Titanium X Mechanical comes in packs of three with a broadhead installation wrench and one set of replacement blades.

For more information, visit or call (888) 887-8456.

G5 Outdoors Dead Meat

When the engineers at G5 decide to do something, they tend to get it right. Really right. Such is the case with the new three-blade Dead Meat broadhead ($55). Not only is this 100 percent stainless-steel head tough, it also sports a 1 ½-inch cutting diameter. Blades are kept in place during flight thanks to the new SnapLock retaining collar. Choose from 100- or 125-grain configurations in the Dead Meat, which are all 100 percent spin-tested to ensure that you’ll experience perfect downrange flight.

For more information, visit or call (866) 456-8836.

Muzzy Trocar HBX 125

There is a popular trend among certain vertical bowhunters, and definitely among a fair percentage of crossbow hunters, to opt for heavier broadheads. This is probably one of the reasons why Muzzy released the HBX 125 ($40), which, obviously, weighs 125 grains. The HBX 125’s ferrule is not only made from stainless steel, but sports the Chisel Tip for bone-crushing penetration. Nasty wound channels are achieved through the 1-inch fixed blades and the 1 5/8-inch expandable blades working in conjunction to keep slicing until the job is finished.

For more information, visit or call (800) 282-4868.

Dead Ringer Freak Nasty

Few broadheads have the look of Dead Ringer’s new Freak Nasty ($45), which can be shot as a fixed-blade broadhead with a 1-inch cutting diameter. If that’s not your thing, you can use the Flex Collar to transform this head into a hybrid mechanical with a 1 ½-inch cutting diameter. This Switchback Technology is a must-have for hunters who, for example, love a fixed-blade 100-grain broadhead for their deer hunts but prefer an expandable for turkeys.

For more information, visit or call (585) 355-4685.

Slick Trick RaptorTrick

The streamlined profile of the new RaptorTrick ($48/4-pack) from Slick Trick (585-201-5354; promotes killer flight out of the fastest bows – even crossbows. Two .035-inch-thick steel blades open up on impact to deliver nasty wound channels (with a 2-inch cutting diameter) with the help of the four-edge, bone-splitting tip. To ensure that the blades remain closed in flight – no matter what poundage of bow they are shot from – the 100-grain RaptorTrick is designed with a multi-position O-ring. Simply move the O-ring to the correct notch for your setup and the broadhead will do its job correctly during every shot.

For more information, visit or call (585) 201-5354.

Rocky Mountain Advantage

Rocky Mountain is back, and it’s better than ever. Just one example of the purposeful products offered by this revered brand is the Advantage ($25), which is a four-blade cut-on-contact head with an accuracy-promoting short profile. The 100-grain Advantage delivers superior penetration via its .040-inch-thick stainless-steel main blades and .036 bleeder blades, all adding up to 1 1/8-inch by 1-inch cut.

For more information, visit or call (866) 387-9307.

DirtNap Gear B.M.F.

B.M.F. stands for Both Fixed and Mechanical, so you can quit the mental cussing. This latest offering from DirtNap Gear (855-859-3478; promises a total cutting surface of 2 ¼ inches through a 1-inch cutting main blade and 1 ¼-inch expansion blades. You’ll probably notice that these stainless-steel blades are designed in an “X” formation, which results in larger wound channels and, consequently, more blood loss. The B.M.F. ($40) features the patented Modular Weight System to allow users to choose between 100 or 125 grains.

For more information, visit or call (855) 859-3478.

Magnus Stinger Deep Six

An awful lot of bowhunters have relied on Magnus Stingers over the years while chasing everything from groundhogs to moose, but until 2017, anyone needing a Deep Six Stinger has been out of luck. Now those bowhunters can choose the four-blade Stinger Deep Six ($40) in a 100-grain option. As with all Magnus broadheads, you can rest easy knowing that your new Deep Six purchase is covered under a lifetime replacement guarantee.

For more information, visit or call (800) 720-5341.

Ramcat The Savage

Utilizing Ramcat’s patented Concave Scoop Technology to produce true field-point accuracy is The Savage ($40). This broadhead’s ferrule is constructed of 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, while its three blades produce devastating wound channels via a 2-inch cutting diameter. The Savage also features an adjustable O-ring, which allows users to choose from three different speed settings. Essentially, this means that no matter whether you’re shooting a 10-year-old bow, a new flagship or the fastest crossbow on the market, you can set this broadhead so that it won’t open in flight.

For more information, visit

Afflictor Broadheads Hybrid X

The Hybrid X ($53) from Afflictor Broadheads features Drive Key Technology, which provieds bowhunters a mechanical head boasting fixed-blade features like bleeder blades, locking blades and a cut-on-contact gurantee. Engineered with ultra-tight tolerances, the Hybrid X was designed for use with high-speed vertical and horizontal weapons. Promised by Afflictor to be dead-on accurate out to 100 yards, this 150-grain head comes in packs of three, features a razor-sharp EXT Tip and boasts sharpened stainless-steel .032 blades.

For more information, visit or call (866) 202-5002.

Innerloc Broadheads Shape Shifter

Launched in 2016, Innerloc’s Shape Shifter ($42) is still makeing waves thanks to its Exo-Cover. Showcasing strategically placed Break Rails, the Exo-Cover slides over the three-blade mechancial, giving it a field-point-like look. The Exo-Cover keeps the .040-inch-thick blades contained in flight and gives the head field-point ballistics. On impact, the Break Rails shatter like an egg shell, allowing the blades to expand to the head’s 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter. The Shape Shifter is sold in packs of three.

For more information, visit or call (706) 782-5863.

Solid Broadhead Company Legend Series 125-Grain

Trad-bow shooters, African dangerous-game bowhunters and pretty much anyone looking for an indestructible head that is crazy sharp would do well to check out the Legend Series 125-Grain ($130) from Solid Broadhead Company. This head is designed with a cut-on-contact tip, Samurai-style curved blades and a zero-tapered ferrule. With bleeders factored in, the Legend Series head sports a total of 6.12 inches of cutting surface, with blades that measure a full .060 inches thick.

For more information, visit or call (877) 503-5483.

Swhacker Steel Expandable

Ever wonder where Swhacker got its name from? Shoot a deer in the side with one, and listen closely as you do. You’ll hear a swhack-type sound. If that sounds like music to your ears, consider the 100-grain expandable that is now offered in a 420 stainless-steel ferrule version. Better yet, these broadheads feature .032-inch-thick stainless steel, razor-sharp blades and a true cut-on-contact chisel tip. Pick up a pack of the Steel Expandables ($50) and you’ll get a practice head with them to make broadhead tuning much easier.

For more information, visit or call (866) 671-3827.

Wasp Archery 125-Grain Drone

The engineers behind Wasp Archery took note of the increase in efficiency of our modern hunting bows and realized that the market was looking for heavier options. The result was the 125-Grain Drone ($30), which not only adds a little extra weight to anyone’s setup, but also allows for the usage of a beefier, solid-steel ferrule. Three .027-inch stainless-steel blades and the Stainless Smart Tip (SST) ensure further rigidity in this broadhead, which features a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter.

For more information, visit or call (860) 283-0246.

Flying Arrow Toxic

In a sea of straight broadhead blades, the wicked curved blades of the Flying Arrow Toxic ($40) stand out. Open-flex technology and a single beveled edge allow the blades to flex open when they encounter bone for an incredible wound channel. The Toxic boasts a 7/8-inch cutting diameter and a bone-crushing chisel tip for exceptional penetration.

For more information, visit or call (855) 764-4394.

Featured photo: John Hafner Photography


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