Hybrid and Mechanical Broadheads: The Dirty (and Deadly) Dozen

Today’s crop of scary-sharp hybrid and mechanical broadheads are effective on everything from whitetails to warthogs.
Hybrid and Mechanical Broadheads: The Dirty (and Deadly) Dozen

If you’re too young to remember the classic war movie “The Dirty Dozen” (1967), then the title of this hybrid and mechanical broadheads article might seem a bit odd. No worries, check out the film someday and you won’t be sorry. (We’ve included the official trailer at the bottom of this article just to whet your appetite. Teaser: At the 2:14 mark you’ll see one innovative way to encourage someone to quickly climb a training rope.)

Today’s crop of scary-sharp and super-dependable hybrid and mechanical broadheads are effective on everything from whitetails to warthogs. Chances are good that many of your customers will be looking to change or upgrade broadheads this fall hunting season, so it only makes sense to showcase a few of these designs in your archery shop.

mechanical broadheadsRage Broadheads X-treme Four Blade

Just when I thought Rage (800-282-4868; www.ragebroadheads.com) couldn’t push the bar any higher in mechanical broadheads, the company once again proved me wrong with the new X-treme Four Blade ($30/2-pack). Built on the venerated SlipCam platform, the X-treme Four Blade features a leading 7⁄8-inch cut-on-contact tip that punches through fur and bone. As the broadhead enters, the SlipCam design deploys the .035-inch-thick stainless-steel blades to deliver a massive 2.3-inch cutting diameter. This broadhead truly does fly like a field point, so arrow planing is not an issue, and, as with all broadheads in the Rage line, the X-treme Four Blade ensures blood trailing is a snap.

mechanical broadheadsMuzzy Titanium Trocar HB-Ti

An industry leader for decades with its solid line of fixed broadheads, Muzzy (800-282-4868; www.muzzy.com) is charting its path as the leader in hybrid broadheads as well. The new 100-grain Titanium Trocar HB-Ti ($50/3-pack) features a tough titanium ferrule as its foundation and is equipped with a bone-busting .050-inch-thick single-bevel fixed blade at the bottom end, as well as a pair of .039-inch-thick wing-style mechanical blades that deliver a 1 5⁄8-inch swath of blood-letting devastation. The Titanium Trocar HB-Ti’s scooped cut-on-contact tip also ensures the arrow drives deep and won’t deflect on hard angle shots.

NAP Killzone SwingFiremechanical broadheads

NAP (800-323-1279; www.newarchery.com) takes the rear-deploying Killzone line of broadheads a step further with the new hybrid SwingFire ($40/3-pack). Featuring a 2-inch cutting diameter and the bone-crushing Trophy Tip design, this 100-grain head is the first ever to offer independent, pivoting mechanical blades that are designed to reduce friction and deliver significantly better penetration. The precision-ground blades come ultra-sharp out of the package. Because it was tested to deliver stellar accuracy up to 450 fps, the SwingFire can be used with today’s speed bows and crossbows.

mechanical broadheadsG5 Deadmeat

G5 (866-456-8836; www.g5outdoors.com) has been in the forefront of deadly broadhead design, and the company’s latest addition is the Deadmeat ($55/3-pack) mechanical broadhead. Combining knockdown power with exceptional accuracy, the Deadmeat features a tough stainless-steel ferrule and three ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades that produce a wide 1.5-inch cutting diameter upon impact. The SnapLock collar design provides exceptional blade retention, and because each broadhead is spin-tested, you can have 10-ring confidence when you touch the release. The Deadmeat is available in 100- and 125-grain configurations, as well as Deep Six and crossbow models.

TruGlo Titanium X Backflipmechanical broadheads

TruGlo (972-774-0300; www.truglo.com) jumped into the broadhead market last year with both a fixed and mechanical head, and after burying the fixed blade into the side of a Texas porker, I was indeed impressed. The new mechanical Titanium X Backflip ($45/3-pack) features reverse-folding blades designed to immediately open upon impact. Available in both two- and three-blade models, these 100-grain heads deliver cutting diameters of 1.75 and 1.5 inches, respectively. The Tru-Cut one-piece titanium tip and reverse-folding blades ensures deflection is not a problem.

Dead Ringer Freak-Nasty

With the ability to perform like a fixed and mechanical broadhead in the same package, the Freak-Nasty ($45/3-pack) from Dead Ringer (585-355-4685; www.deadringerhunting.com) has a unique appeal for today’s bowhunter. Considered a variable fixed/mechanical hybrid, the Freak-Nasty features a T6 high-quality aluminum ferrule with a case-hardened stainless-steel trocar tip and stainless spring blades that are .032 inches thick. Its patented Switch Back Blade Retention System uses interchangeable flex collars to allow the broadhead to be used as a 100-grain mechanical or fixed-blade head with cutting diameters ranging from 1 to 2 inches.

mechanical broadheads

mechanical broadheadsRocky Mountain Steel Warhead

If you’re looking for a high-quality broadhead at a fair price, look no further than Rocky Mountain’s (800-282-4868; www.huntrockymountain.com) all-new Steel Warhead SS ($30/3-pack). At 100 grains, this two-blade mechanical features a machined stainless-steel ferrule for added toughness, .035-inch-thick stainless-steel blades that deliver a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and a foolproof over-the-top blade-deployment design. Also available is the Warhead SS X ($30/3-pack), which has many of the same features but is specifically designed for crossbow shooters.

Rocket Broadheads Steelheadmechanical broadheads

Since the late 1990s, bowhunters have enjoyed the consistency and performance of the Steelhead ($20/3-pack) from Rocket Broadheads (800-694-9494; www.rocketbroadheads.com). These broadheads feature a one-piece, titanium-nitride-coated solid-steel ferrule that is equipped with a bone-crushing chisel tip. The three .027-inch-thick stainless-steel blades deliver a 1 1⁄8-inch cutting diameter once deployed. Although this workhorse of a mechanical broadhead hasn’t changed much over the years, it is now the most affordable it has ever been at $20 for a pack of three.

mechanical broadheadsGrim Reaper Carni-Four

With 100- and 125-grain models available, the Carni-Four ($45/3-pack) from Grim Reaper (801-377-6199; www.grimreaperbroadheads.com) is a four-blade mechanical marvel that features Staggered Blade technology. One set of blades has a cutting diameter of 1.5 inches, while the other is slightly less at 1.25 inches. When the two longer blades make contact and compress the internal spring, the shorter blades open in a flash. This provides the Carni-Four a total linear cut of 2.75 inches, which creates a massive wound channel.

SWAT A4 Minimechanical broadheads

Perhaps one of the most unique mechanical broadheads is SWAT’s (252-665-3191; www.swatbroadheads.com) A4 Mini ($50/3-pack). With the ferrule constructed from superior 7075-T6 aluminum, the A4 Mini is a four-blade mechanical with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter. Upon impact, the first set of blades spring into action to split open the hide. Once inside, the second set of blades deploy, causing even more internal hemorrhaging. As the A4 exits, it creates a massive wound channel for an easy-to-follow blood trail. The chisel-point 440C stainless-steel X-Out tip virtually eliminates deflection, and the scalpel-sharp .032-inch-thick blades help deliver exceptional penetration.

mechanical broadheadsKinetic Broadheads KinEmaxx

Designed to enhance kinetic energy upon impact, the KinEmaxx ($40/3-pack) from Kinetic Broadheads (www.kineticbroadheads.com) features a patented design that engages the .039-inch-thick stainless-steel blades the moment the improved trocar tip touches fur and bone. Once the Trigger Trip Technology engages, the razor-sharp spring-loaded blades deliver a 1.25-inch cutting diameter. While in flight, the blades are neatly tucked against the anodized 7075 high-tensile aircraft-aluminum ferrule. The KinEmaxx is available in two- and three-blade configurations in both 100- and 125-grain models.

Afflictor Broadheads K2-Hybridmechanical broadheads

Introduced last season, the K2-Hybrid ($43/3-pack) from Afflictor Broadheads (866-202-5002; www.afflictorbroadheads.com) has qualities of both a fixed-blade and mechanical broadhead and delivers a knockout punch upon impact. Featuring a 7075-T6 aluminum ferrule, the K2-Hybrid’s cut-on-contact tip and bleeder blades are 5⁄8 inches in diameter to ensure solid flight performance. Upon impact, the bleeder blade’s DriveKey technology locks the rear-deploying main blades into position to deliver a massive wound channel of 1.75 inches. The K2 is available in 100 grains with vented- or solid-blade configurations.

P.S. As promised, here's the trailer for the 1967 classic "The Dirty Dozen." Rent it and then watch it the next time you're in deer camp with your hunting buddies.


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