Innerloc Carnage Broadhead

Featuring an exclusive aerodynamic wrap, the Innerloc Carnage Broadhead flies like a field point and then opens to a 1.5-inch cutting diameter.

Innerloc Carnage Broadhead

Expanding on Innerloc’s Aero series, the Carnage broadhead has rear-deploying blades that slice through its exclusive aerodynamic wrap (below), delivering downrange accuracy and massive hemorrhage.

“Deadly by Design,” this new Innerloc broadhead has what it takes to create carnage and will fly straight out of today’s fastest bows and crossbows. It comes with wraps in multiple designs (below) or users can create their own. The 100-grain Carnage has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and razor-sharp .040-inch blades. All Innerloc products are made in the USA.  MSRP: $52.49/package of three. Contact:


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