Inventory Tip: Stock Scent-Free Bar Soap

Almost every big game bowhunter tries to reduce his or her human odor in the field, and step No. 1 is bathing with scent-free bar soap.

Inventory Tip: Stock Scent-Free Bar Soap

With the exception of wild turkeys, every animal you pursue with archery gear can bust you with its sense of smell. For archery dealers, it makes financial sense to stock odor-killing products to sell to big game hunters, and at the top of the list is scent-free bar soap.

If you have an archery shop in the heart of whitetail country, it’s likely a smart plan to offer a wide selection of odor-killing laundry detergents, shampoos, sprays and even ozone devices. That said, in my opinion, the No. 1 product to inventory is scent-free bar soap.

Bar soap doesn’t take up much room in your store, it has a long shelf life, and it’s something almost every bowhunter will purchase just prior to various big game seasons. I suggest stacking the bars pyramid style near the cash register so every customer sees them and then has the decision whether or not to grab one before they leave your store.

You have numerous brands from which to choose when it comes to stocking scent-free bar soap. The purpose of this article isn’t to promote one brand over another. In the past I’ve used Dead Down Wind Bar Soap, Scent Killer Bar Soap and Scent-A-Way MAX Bar Soap.

True, you won't get rich selling scent-free bar soap in your archery shop, but every little bit helps. And more importantly, you’re providing a needed service to your customer because they won’t have to go online to order it, or make a special trip to a big box store.


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