Killer Food Plots Aqua Shield Pond Treatment

A healthy water source with help from Killer Food Plots Aqua Shield pond treatment means a healthier deer population — and a first defense against EHD-carrying midge fly larva.

Killer Food Plots Aqua Shield Pond Treatment

Killer Food Plots Aqua Shield is a mixture of enzymes and nutrients that provide a much-needed source of energy to revive and increase the population of beneficial aerobic bacteria through multiplication. It’s formulated to address the root cause of the EHD epidemic — decaying debris that makes up the bottom of a pond or watering hole, which provides the perfect hiding place for disease carrying midge, mosquito, fly and no-see-ums larva. Anaerobic bacteria, along with KFP’s proprietary enzymes, break down other types of unhealthy bacteria, heavy metals and toxins in the water that cause digestive issues in whitetails. Applying Aqua Shield to ponds and watering holes helps shield whitetails from EHD-carrying midge larva while clarifying and improving the overall health of the pond.

MSRP: $49.99/1 gallon; $99.99/2.5 gallons



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