Levi Morgan and Tim Gillingham Continue IBO Dominance

The second leg of the IBO Triple Crown recently concluded in Pennsylvania, with Levi Morgan (Team Mathews) and Tim Gillingham (Team Bowtech) once again showing their dominance.

Levi Morgan and Tim Gillingham Continue IBO Dominance

Pro Male Release Division Dominance

Despite tough weather conditions at the 2020 IBO National Triple Crown in Franklin, Pennsylvania, Levi Morgan from Team Mathews took top honors in the Pro Male Release Division, making this his third win in a row on the tournament circuit. His first two wins came from the 1st Leg of IBO National Championship, and the recent ASA shoot in London, Kentucky. Morgan’s teammate Dan McCarthy tied his score but was edged out on bonus rings, putting McCarthy in second (photo above, left). Morgan and McCarthy also brought home first place for Team Mathews with help from Chris Hacker and Danny Evans.

“For the second year in a row, the entire weekend was filled with thunderstorms and rain,” stated Mathews Pro Staff Manager Derek Phillips. “Despite the tough conditions, our shooters and their bows performed flawlessly.”

Senior Pro Division Dominance

Team Bowtech’s Tim Gillingham also battled through the adverse conditions in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and he made it three in a row for 2020 by bringing home the first place spot in the Senior Pro Division. His teammate Keith Ahlstrom took home third place in the same division (photo above, right). Both shooters competed with the Bowtech Reckoning 38.

Regarding this weekend’s performance, Bowtech Vice President of Marketing Dave Parker said, “It’s exciting to see our Bowtech Pro shooters consistently standing on the top step of the podium. Tim and his Reckoning 38 are on fire, and we look forward to watching his success the rest of the season.”


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