Manufacturer Spotlight: Easton Archery

From Cape buffalo and whitetails to tournaments and league nights, Easton Archery makes an ideal arrow for any shooting situation.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Easton Archery
Easton Archery
The black bear of a lifetime for Easton Marketing Manager Gary Cornum. He used a Retro 5MM FMJ arrow to take a big, beautiful mature cinnamon boar in Saskatchewan with DNB Adventures.

Easton Archery has been making arrows and archery equipment since 1922. Over those 96 years, the company hasn’t left the Easton family’s reigns. Yes, three generations dating back to the late Doug Easton have carried the company through thick and thin.

“From the very beginning, a drive for innovation was embedded in the Easton brand’s culture,” said Easton Archery Marketing Manager Gary Cornum (right). “Our company’s slogan is ‘advancing archery’s legacy.’ When founder Doug Easton made the initial Easton wood arrows, he quickly realized that wood is an inferior material from which to build arrows, simply because it’s so inconsistent in weight, stiffness and straightness.

“Doug began experimenting with other materials and eventually settled on aluminum,” Cornum shared. “That immediately revolutionized archery. Aluminum, to this day, is still the most consistent material to build arrows from.”

Easton Archery innovation didn’t end there. “In the late 1970s, Easton introduced the first carbon arrows,” Cornum recalled. “And more recently, we’ve married both carbon and aluminum into several models, which provides the durability of carbon with the tolerances of aluminum. Dealers and consumers alike can be sure our engineers work tireless to build the best arrows out there.”

Easton Archery

From Tournaments to Treestands

The number-one reason Easton’s arrow technology is so beneficial is the confidence it instills. “Whether you’re a bowhunter or competitive archer, making the best shot possible comes from being confident,” Cornum suggested. “Confidence in your equipment leads to better accuracy when you’re facing a challenging situation. The quality also means dealers can sell our arrows more confidently. Essentially, our brand stands for confidence. We spend countless hours doing R&D to ensure the highest quality possible.”

Cornum told that, beyond superior quality, dealers should carry Easton Archery arrows because the brand offers arrows for every type of archer. “We make arrows ranging from 1214 aluminum arrows designed for youth all the way up to an arrow designed for African dangerous game. We have arrows designed for target archery and even the Olympic podium. Shops that carry Easton can match an arrow to any and every customer or application.Easton Archery

Components are a huge part of the equation, too,” Cornum assured. “The ability for dealers to build custom arrows with the many components we offer is a huge plus. We also have fletching and glues. Beyond that, we have other accessories like bow and broadhead cases, among others.”

Easton Archery Arrows = Made in the USA

Archery and bowhunting are very American sports, so dealers can rest assured Easton arrows are made in the USA. “Easton was originally founded in California,” Cornum said. “Today, we have a shaft-production facility in Utah and a fletching and distribution facility in Indiana. Due to our American factories, our arrows are produced and shipped very quickly to avoid severe wait times.

“Additionally, we help our dealers via sales programs,” Cornum continued. “We offer dating terms and bundle programs, which are very advantageous for dealers. We also offer volume pricing. From soup to nuts, we give them what they need, when they need it.”

Easton’s sister brand, Beman, takes it to the next level by offering a dealer-exclusive arrow. “The Beman Defender is available this year and available only through independent dealer pro shops,” Cornum told. “It’s brand new and very popular. It’s an all-carbon shaft, and it comes in the Defender (+/- .004 inch) and Defender Elite (+/- .002 inch) models. It’s available in shafts only or fletched. Dealers and their customers are loving it.”

Easton Archery



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