Manufacturer Spotlight: Easton Archery

Established in 1922, Easton Archery continues to build world-class arrows for bowhunters and target shooters.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Easton Archery

Easton is to archery what Coca-Cola is to soft drinks. Today, it’s best known for high-tech carbon and carbon/aluminum composite arrow shafts designed in its expansive Salt Lake City, Utah, facility. But, it didn’t begin there.

“Our long and storied success dates back to 1922 when Doug Easton started the company in his garage in California,” Easton’s Gary Cornum said. “For approximately the first 20 years, Doug designed and manufactured exceptional, hand-crafted wood arrows. After realizing that wood had limitations, his hunt for better materials began.”

Doug Easton putting the finishing touches on wood arrows.
Doug Easton putting the finishing touches on wood arrows.

“He developed the aluminum shaft, and it immediately revolutionized the arrow as it was previously known,” Cornum continued. “Doug didn’t stop innovating there. He further expanded arrow technology when he pioneer carbon-constructed arrows in the 1980s.”

Today, Easton’s engineering team carries the torch to continue Doug’s legacy.

“Our new Hyperspeed and Hyperspeed Pro fill a need in the market for fast arrows,” he shared. “These are great dual-purpose arrows that perform well for 3-D shooting and bowhunting. The 400 and 500 spines weigh less than 8 grains per inch. The Hyperspeed Pro is available only to authorized Easton dealers with storefronts.

“Regardless of the peaks and valleys our industry experiences, we increase our FJM sales every single year. It goes without saying that we’re very proud of our new FMJ T64, which we launched at ATA 2019. It’s the pinnacle of our FMJ hunting line, and it breaks new ground here at Easton with its tapered design, which boosts FOC by up to 30 percent, increases downrange accuracy and maximizes penetration on big game.”

Cornum assured that, despite Easton’s stellar 2019 arrow launch, we can expect great things to come in 2020. “We have some exciting product enhancements in mind,” he said, “as well as plans to expand our carbon line to offer solid options for the meat-and-potatoes bowhunter. In other words, they’ll be tailored for bowhunting enthusiasts who aren’t really ‘gearheads.’ That’s all I can say for now.”

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