Manufacturer Spotlight: Gold Tip

Established in 1989, Gold Tip offers a full line of premium carbon hunting and target arrows.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Gold Tip

Marvin Carlston launched Gold Tip in 1989. He started out making arrow nocks and broadheads, launching the popular-at-its-time Gladiator broadhead in 1993. He followed up later with the graphite Hunter arrow, which featured the innovative Lock Nock.

“What set Gold Tip apart from the competition in the early years was it was the first company to produce a carbon arrow with an internal-fit insert,” said Jake Edson of Vista Outdoors. “That happened in 1996, and internal-fit components made Gold Tip the pioneer of modern arrow technology.”

On Jan. 14, 2016, Gold Tip opened the doors of its brand-new facility. “We put in state-of-the-art fletching machines different from the ones other arrow manufacturers use,” Edson shared. “Most notable is the ability to offer a factory four-fletch option on all of our arrows. Our competitors cannot do that. That and other advancements have developed because of our new facility and specialized fletching machines.”

Today, Gold Tip offers a full line of premium carbon hunting and target arrows, as well as youth arrows and crossbow bolts. “Our big launch this year was the new Airstrike hunting arrow (below),” Edson said. “It features our exclusive Dyna-Tek Slick Shield coating, a technology that hasn’t been used on any other product. It’s designed to aid with penetration and aerodynamics. The Airstrike features high-modulus-carbon construction and shares the popular Kinetic’s .204-inch inner diameter, but it’s lighter with improved FOC. The shaft is 100 percent pure carbon with zero fillers.

“Also new this year is the dealer-exclusive Black Label arrow (below),” Edson continued. “We wanted to give our dealers the opportunity to carry a high-performance arrow that the box stores can’t. It has our best straightness tolerances at .0025 inch and a weight tolerance of +/- .5 grains. Unlike the small-diameter Airstrike, the Black Label has a standard .246-inch diameter. It has distinct black graphics, black-anodized nock collar and black anodized Accu-Lite Insert. The Black Label is compatible with our fully adjustable FACT weight system to improve FOC. Each package includes one 20-grain FACT weight for each arrow, but consumers can purchase and stack additional FACT weights for a custom FOC configuration.”

Moving forward, Edson says Gold Tip’s engineers will be experimenting with new materials, components and technologies. I’d say that’s reason enough to remain on the edge of your seat.

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