Manufacturer Spotlight: Muzzy Broadheads

Established in 1984, Muzzy continues to provide bowhunters around the world with sharp, reliable and affordable broadheads.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Muzzy Broadheads

During a 1970s African safari hunt, the late John Musacchia Sr., a restaurant owner from New York, experienced broadhead failure with a then-popular cut-on-contact head. He’d arrowed a cape buffalo multiple times, and the tips of his broadheads folded over upon impacting ribs. The beast charged and was stopped with a rifle at point-blank range.

That event caused Musacchia to develop a never-fail broadhead. “He tested various designs and eventually came up with the Trocar Tip — a design Muzzy is still famous for today,” said Chris James of FeraDyne Outdoors. “He made a 4-blade broadhead and field-tested it during a moose hunt. Musacchia took a moose — the first animal ever taken with a Muzzy broadhead — during that hunt, and the broadhead performed great.”

Aside from John Musacchia Sr., other key folks included his son, Johnny Musacchia, and daughter, Michelle Eichler (Musacchia).

Muzzy Broadheads initially opened in Marathon, Florida, in 1984. “In the 1990s the company moved to Georgia and eventually landed in Cartersville, Georgia, where a new plant was built,” James said. “It remained there until 2016 following a 2011 acquisition by FeraDyne Outdoors. The 2016 move landed the iconic broadhead manufacturer in Superior, Wisconsin, its current location.

“For 2019, we’re very proud of the new Muzzy One (below). It’s an all-machined-steel 100-grain 3-blade broadhead. Aptly named, it’s a one-piece cut-on-contact head that can be re-sharpened on a flat stone. It’s our most durable broadhead and has a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter.”

Muzzy One
Muzzy One

The philosophy on which John Musacchia Sr. founded Muzzy — to deliver a never-fail broadhead — still serves the company well today. “We’re one of the best-known fixed-blade broadhead companies because we build broadheads that work,” James said. “Our 100-grain 3-blade is still a favorite of many Muzzy fans today. Muzzy is a staple in most archery shops, and if you talk to any longtime bowhunters, you’ll find that most used Muzzy at some point, and many still are using them.”

James said Muzzy fans can expect more great things down the pipeline. “We’re going to continue innovating and developing new technologies,” he said. “We’re always looking at new materials and designs to improve upon what Muzzy has long been known for: providing reliable, never-fail broadheads.”

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