Manufacturer Spotlight: Prime by G5 Outdoors

Building topnotch bows and offering outstanding customer service is the recipe for success at Prime.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Prime by G5 Outdoors
Prime Logic

How does a bow company launched just 8 years ago become a top contender amidst an industry of powerhouse brands that have been building bows for decades? Tim Checkeroski and Christine Graham of G5 Outdoors believe the union of a high-quality product and excellent customer service is the answer.

“We want to be both the technology and customer-service leader,” Checkeroski said. “Prime was formed in 2010 with the goal of making the world’s most accurate compound bows. Our engineering team looks at the big picture. They understand that it isn’t just one feature that makes a bow shoot more accurately than another, but rather, the entire bow working congruently.”

Putting Customers First

Graham echoed the same thoughts regarding the company’s outlook on customer service. “Likewise, our customer-service team knows it isn’t simply answering calls, but truly listening to the customer and adapting to the many situations that arise,” she said. “We believe that forging relationships through our customer-service department has helped us to have more candid conversations.

“It’s no secret that the past few years have been difficult for many of our dealers,” she added. “We’ve seen the snowball effect in recent years; many dealers are forced into purchasing habits, and then end up sitting on large amounts of inventory at the end of the year. In some cases, they have no choice but to discount it or carry it over to the next year. This cannibalizes profit margins, and in severe cases, dealers eventually close their doors. This simply cannot continue.

“That said, both our stock-balance offering and spot-buy purchasing within our program is specifically designed to provide our dealers flexibility throughout the year,” Graham continued. “It’s our goal not to overload our dealers with merchandise quantities that are unconsumable.”

PrimePrime: Details Make the Difference

Yes, G5 Outdoors is truly a manufacturer for the dealer. “Receiving dealer feedback and genuinely understanding their struggles and circumstances has helped us to adapt and adjust our programs accordingly,” Checkeroski stated. “Our objective is to become a better partner to our dealers. One way we do this is by making Prime bows pro-shop-exclusive. We want to do everything possible to help them sell our products, and to be a healthy, profitable business. After all, dealer success is great for the industry.”

On the bow-technology end of Prime’s business, the details make the difference. “Prime bows are built to produce level nock travel both vertically and horizontally,” Checkeroski said. “This helps the archer shoot more consistently and have a more positive shooting experience. It also helps the dealer sell our product more confidently, plus it reduces the amount of time they’ll spend helping the customer tune the bow. Prime bows truly simplify the dealer’s job.”

Prime is staffed with professionals that further simplify the dealer’s duties. “We have direct sales coordinators here in the Michigan office that can assist dealers with everything order-related,” he shared. “We also have sales reps out on the road who visit dealers periodically."


“A program we’re very excited about is Prime Time Events,” Checkeroski outlined. “A Prime sales rep appears at the dealership for an afternoon with a mixture of Prime bows. It’s an excellent way to bring more bows into the shop, and it attracts customers to stop in specifically to test-fire a Prime bow. It’s just one more way that we partner with our dealers.”


Editor’s note: Check out the video below where Prime Archery Chief Design Officer Nate Grace explains the purpose and function behind the split limb design on the new Prime Logic.



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