Manufacturer Spotlight: Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Designs, or simply QAD, is known for building outstanding products and then standing behind them 100 percent.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Quality Archery Designs

In the ultra-competitive bow accessory category, you can’t ignore a company that has weathered the ups and downs over a 25-plus-year span. Clearly, that longevity is achieved by innovating and building products that both dealers and end users believe in. That’s Quality Archery Designs (QAD) to a T.

“We realize every day that dealers have played and continue to play a huge role in making us who we are,” said Quality Archery Designs Vice President Kevin Fry. “When QAD got started, dealers really helped get its products into consumers’ hands. Since then, our dealer base has continually grown. We recognize the huge role dealers play in this industry, so we’re behind them in every possible way.”

Quality Archery Designs

QAD equips its dealers to succeed. “We want dealers to run their businesses successfully,” Fry mentioned. “And, we want our products to play a major part in that success. So, we strive to establish and maintain close relationships with our dealers. We ask them lots of questions. We want and encourage their input. We try to understand their locations and their shop’s specific needs.

Quality Archery Designs“Of course, we also ask our dealers questions that pertain specifically to QAD,” Fry continued. “We welcome their input on our products and customer service, and we’re very intentional about utilizing it. Our goal is to be as strong as we can be, and that means considering their input. Building great products is beneficial to the end consumer, yes, but it also benefits the dealers because they can sell products they believe in. They’re the ones on the front lines selling the products.

“Really, we want to make it as easy as possible for dealers to do business with us,” Fry assured. “We realize that many shops are working very hard just to make ends meet, and we want to simplify their lives/businesses. Many shops run on low inventory and re-order multiple times annually. We work to fulfill those orders promptly and without putting products on backorder, if possible. We work with each individual shop to schedule/program orders based on their needs.”

Quality Archery DesignsQuality Archery Designs Backs Its Products

Warranty services at Quality Archery Designs are as good as any in the archery industry. “We basically back our products with a no-questions-asked warranty,” Fry shared. “Juggling warranty claims is time-consuming and doesn’t make the dealer money. That’s why we simplify the picture by providing prompt service. Our warranty policy allows the dealer to satisfy the claim on the spot with a subsequent QAD product they have on the shelf. We ship the dealer a replacement or credit their account once they ship the faulty one back.

“On another note, we provide dealers with tools, training and resources,” Fry told. “QAD offers aggressive terms, tier pricing and shipping, as well as solid profit margins, to help direct dealers compete against the growing e-commerce world. We also provide our dealers with marketing materials — videos, banners, store promotional items, merchandising displays, etc. We help them with events, donations and promotional items. Beyond that, we aggressively promote and advertise our products to help drive traffic to the dealerships where the consumer gets to physically see and handle our products.”

Quality Archery DesignsBeyond its quality USA-made products and top-tier customer service, Quality Archery Designs also offers pro-shop-exclusive rests. “Our custom bow-brand ULTRARESTs like the Hoyt, Elite and Mathews models are available only to dealers. Further, we’re currently developing more dealer-only products, so look for those to launch in the next 2 years.”

Along with the manufacturer’s high-quality HDX and MXT rests, its Exodus broadhead also does extremely well in pro shops around the country. The head is offered in Standard, Deep Six and X Bow models. Exodus heads are best known for their razor-sharp bone-busting ability and field-point-like accuracy.

Editor’s note: You probably don’t need anything to get you more excited for the upcoming whitetail season, but just in case you need some inspiration, check out the short video below from QAD.




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