Manufacturer Spotlight: Wac’Em Archery

A brand with a loyal following, Wac’Em Archery is constantly looking for ways to improve sales for its dealers and in-the-field experiences for end users.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Wac’Em Archery

It’s common knowledge that great companies with poor products, or poor companies with great products, stand little chance of surviving the tests of time and competition in the archery industry. That’s why Wac’Em Archery, which was recently acquired by FeraDyne Outdoors — a corporate outfit with an umbrella housing everyday archery brands like BLOCK, Rage, TruFire, Carbon Express and many more — resolves to be a great company with great products.

“Wac’Em Archery is a well-established brand with spectacular products, which certainly made the recent acquisition a no-brainer,” said Mike Wiseman of FeraDyne Outdoors. “Wac’Em Broadheads are incredibly durable, ultra-sharp and USA-made — really everything a bowhunter could ask for or want. But, we don’t stop there. We’re putting forth a huge initiative this year to really bolster our dealer relationships. We want to equip and empower them to be more successful.

“We’re doing everything possible to team with our dealers. We’re in this together. Part of that strategy involves finding ways to get consumers into the dealers’ shops and then implementing them, because Wac’Em broadheads are brick-and-mortar-exclusive products. To do that, we’re exposing Wac’Em Archery products to consumers across all advertising mediums at every level.”

Wac'EmWac’Em Improvements for Dealers and Consumers

Advertising, however, is only a small part of how Wac’Em is helping its dealers be more successful. “We’ve also taken steps to make Wac’Em Broadheads easier to sell,” Wiseman said. “First of all, the brand has great consumer loyalty. Customers purchase and use the broadheads, and they’re satisfied with the durability and performance they provide. So, they continue buying them.

“Secondly, we’ve updated the artwork and packaging for an enhanced look, plus we’ve eliminated the unassembled broadhead packs,” he shared. “By pre-assembling the broadheads, we’re giving consumers the simplicity and convenience of removing the broadheads from the package and screwing them into their arrows — no assembly required.”

If that’s not enough, Wac’Em has gone a step further to cross-promote the Nockturnal Lighted Nocks brand. “Each broadhead pack includes a free Nockturnal FIT Strobing lighted nock,” Wiseman said. “It’s a $10 value add-on that not only helps the dealer sweeten the consumer’s purchase, but it also enables the end user to try the Nockturnal lighted nock without buying it. When the customer experiences the nock’s ‘wow’ factor and user-friendliness, we want them to return to the dealer to purchase additional Nockturnal nocks. It’s a winning proposition for the manufacturer, dealer and consumer.”

Wac'EmAs stated earlier, the product itself is a chief reason why consumers are so loyal to the Wac’Em brand. “The broadheads feature some of the industry’s thickest, strongest blades,” Wiseman reported. “They can withstand tough bone impacts with little to no damage. And, the 100 percent hardened stainless-steel ferrule and cut-on-contact tip boast ultra-tight tolerances which, in turn, promotes true field-point flight and paves lethal wound channels. Consumers have come to expect these attributes from the Wac’Em brand, and we just keep delivering on those expectations.”

Wac'EmWac’Em Offerings

Popular heads from Wac’Em include the 3-Blade 100- and125-grain Fixed Blade, 4-Blade 100-grain Fixed Blade, Crossbow 3-Blade 100- and 125-Grain Fixed Blade, Wac’Em XL 3-Blade, 2-Blade 100-Grain Steel Expandable and 3-Blade 100-Grain Steel Expandable. Here’s a little breakdown of each:

  • The 3-Blade Fixed  features a 1 1/32-inch cut diameter, .027-inch replaceable blades and are 100 percent hardened stainless steel. The patented head is a cut-on-contact style and is easily sharpened on any flat stone.
  • The 4-Blade Fixed showcases a 1 1/16-inch cutting diameter, and all other specs mirror that of its 3-bladed cousin. Both heads are heralded by Wac’Em as being field-tip accurate.
  • The 3-Blade Crossbow sports a 1.25-inch and comes with .030-inch replaceable blades. The 3-pack of broadheads includes a rebate for one free Nockturnal Crossbow Nock.
  • The XL 3-Blade matches up perfectly with the specs and design of the 3-Blade Crossbow.
  • When it comes to the expandable line, the 2-Blade Steel Expandable (above) promises true field-tip accuracy and boasts a devastating 1.5-inch cut. Before the pair of expandable blades deploy, the sharpened tip begins carving a path for this American-forged stainless steel head.
  • Featuring a third blade, the 3-Blade Steel Expandable mirrors the specs and design of the 2-Blade Steel Expandable. The major difference is the added third blade.


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