Manufacturer Spotlight: Wildgame Innovations

Research, development and a relentless drive to make hunters more successful in the woods — that’s Wildgame Innovations.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Wildgame Innovations

The new ZeroTrace is a perfect example of Wildgame Innovations’ relentless drive to make hunters more successful.

It was my first media hunt, and, truth be told, my first true whitetail adventure. I’m a western boy, and until I ascended that towering Illinois hardwood on that crisp November morning, my time in the whitetail woods had been limited. Hours later, I shot my first buck — this was awesome in more ways than one. With 5 days still left to hunt, I got to help the outfitter check trail cameras and learn some valuable whitetail knowledge.

I remember all of the trail cameras were Wildgame. They were all the same make and model. They were super easy to operate, and by day 3, I was checking trail cameras on my own and being sent into new areas to hang new ones. It was a blast.

Since that hunt, I’ve been blessed to have been in lots of deer camps. Most everyone that I’ve visited had at least one Wildgame running in the woods. As for me and my personal DIY adventures, which I do more than anything else, I have a plastic tote lined with piles of Wildgame models — some more than 8 years old. Guess what, they all still work. I’ve sat over Wildgame feeders while hunting hogs in Texas and Oklahoma, and have tossed out Wildgame attractants (where legal) in multiple states over the years. Products don’t get used around the country by throngs of outdoorsmen and women unless they work. It’s really that simple. Wildgame products help hunters achieve success, and their faithful following is a direct result of this.

Recently, I had the chance to chew the Wildgame fat with Plano Synergy Category Manager Mike Scrip, as well as other members of the team. For 2019, Wildgame has beefed-up its trail camera line and has taken a leap of faith into a new product category, let’s jump in.


AB: Tell me about the history of Wildgame Innovations. How did the company get started? What is the company’s mission?

WGI: It’s the drive to get the job done — and get it done right —that has fueled Wildgame Innovations since the company was officially founded in 2002. The product line has grown from attractants to also include feeders and trail cameras; quickly growing to become one of the leading names in game tracking and land management.

We will continue to disrupt the landscape and challenge not only those around us, but also ourselves, to stay grounded in research and science. Innovation isn’t just part of our name, but a cornerstone of our business. The new ZeroTrace is a perfect example of that.


AB: Wildgame Innovations is known for its quality trail cameras. How was Wildgame able to become such a household name with the game camera crowd?

WGI: Wildgame Innovations entered the trail camera market by doing what everyone said couldn’t be done, offering trail cams for every hunter and every budget. At the heart of all our products are superior performance and superior value. We earned our customers’ trust by providing high-quality products at a price they could afford.

It comes back to innovation here as well. We’re always working to make our products better. Our premium technological upgrades include Silent Shield Zero Detection operation, 360-degree detection, Lightsout invisible flash illumination, exposure control, Tru-Dual Cam technology, Adaptive Illumination technology, intuitive operation, a new partnership with HuntStand and more. We’re always cooking up something new.

AB: What’s new in the Wildgame trail camera arsenal for 2019? What features are going to make these cameras so popular?

WGI: We introduced a completely new camera line this year, dubbed the Shadow Micro Cam. These trail cams are the smallest we’ve ever made — with total dimensions of about 3x3x2. Shadow cams are easier to mount and conceal, while still delivering 16-megapixel images and HD 720p videos. This micro cam is pretty much the best solution for any scenario. It’s available in both an infrared version and a Lighstout version with invisible illumination.

We also added HuntStand integration to almost all our other trail camera lines. Basically, we figured when it came to making game tracking and management easier in the digital age, partnering with the number one hunting app was a good place to start. Anyone who buys a HuntStand-enabled Wildgame Innovations trail cam will get an incredible amount of detail with every single image that camera logs. From weather and wind readings to solunar data, the list of technology is super impressive. So individually, each image becomes a greater resource for hunters to plan their next move.

Put those images together, and the HuntStand integration is literally a road map. With certain features only available through accounts linked with WGI cameras, you can access heat maps and tracking software that automatically map wildlife’s movements to follow where they’re moving and how often. All this information will eliminate wasted time uploading and analyzing trail cam photos the old-school way, while increasing opportunities for success. The HuntStand app is free to download, and although some features are available to everyone, Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are the only ones with the golden ticket to unlock all the exclusive features. Simply put, it’s going to make people better hunters.


AB: The big story for 2019 seems to be Wildgame’s new ZeroTrace. Tell us about the unit.

WGI: It’s no bigger than a coconut and it mounts easily in a tree or a ground blind. Basically, the unit delivers continuous concealment from game. This revolutionary product uses the healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air. It’s really a fascinating system. ZeroTrace is the only in-the-field system using PureION technology. PureION technology harnesses nature’s greatest hunter — the ion-molecule. Ions carry either positive or negative charges and quickly seek out and bond with nearby atoms, which stabilizes them. Once this bond occurs, the removal of the Hydrogen atom (H) from the structure deactivates the undesired particulate matter, such as human scent molecules. This process repeats as millions of ions wash over a hunting stand or blind to reduce the chance of detection. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers approximately six hours of life. Durable TRUBark texture conceals the ZeroTrace while working with the magnetic mount. TRUBark blends the unit into the environment and the adjustable magnetic mount fits any setup. Plus, the texture protects cameras from the abuse that comes with toting them around and being exposed to the elements for months at a time.

The ZeroTrace doesn’t rely on ozone. Instead, ZeroTrace uses the healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air.
The ZeroTrace doesn’t rely on ozone. Instead, ZeroTrace uses the healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air.

AB: This seems like a big jump into an unknown arena for Wildgame. What was the driving force behind the launch?

WGI: Wildgame has always strived to be at the forefront of technology in the outdoor space. We are hunters ourselves, so by improving our customers’ experiences afield we’re also improving our own. The ZeroTrace brand is an opportunity for us to add an additional level of technology to our business structure while delivering products to the market that will help hunters succeed. Our extensive research into the scent control market allowed us to formulate a product that focuses on reducing scent in the field. The opportunity to provide a product that is safe to use in a controlled environment, like a ground blind, was an extremely important goal while developing this unique product.

AB: How is this unit going to be a game-changer for the bowhunting masses?

WGI: The science behind ZeroTrace is unique because it doesn’t rely on harsh oxidation. Instead, ZeroTrace uses the healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air. There are no adverse effects to your health or gear with prolonged use. This technology allows hunters to select the best hunting location regardless of wind direction or other factors that that can be resolved by scent-control methods.

The ZeroTrace unit mounts easily to a tree or a ground blind and delivers continuous concealment from game.
The ZeroTrace unit mounts easily to a tree or a ground blind and delivers continuous concealment from game.

AB: Does Wildgame have a dealer incentive program? If so, tell us about it.

WGI: As an organization we continue to challenge ourselves to become stronger within the dealer community. This year we are offering a competitive pre-paid program at $2,500. Customers can combine our feeders, cameras and accessories, and our Halo optics line to one order, easily building to the free freight order minimum. This, combined with our price structure, gives the dealer a profitable program to work within their model. For buy group members we have created very unique programs and special make up cameras that strongly deliver on value proposition, giving the dealers a very strong position in the market to be competitive and drive traffic to their stores. 


AB: Wildgame has given the industry so much. Where do you go from here? What are Wildgame’s plans for the future?

WGI: Wildgame consumers aren’t defined by age or demographics, but rather by their aspirations. They are hunters who want to maximize every opportunity and achieve better results. These individuals are driven to advance their pursuits — no longer content to follow passive or outdated hunting techniques. They are conscious of the limited time and budgets available for their pursuits, and they trust Wildgame to make hunts happen. This is what drives Wildgame Innovations to pursue new ideas in emerging markets while continuing to work toward technical advancements in categories where we’ve already made a name for ourselves. So, what’s next for the future? A whole lot. You can count on it.

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