Must-Have Bow Sights for 2017

Bow sights are better now than ever before with improved construction, quality materials, new technology and innovative designs.
Must-Have Bow Sights for 2017

HHA / Three-Pin Optimizer Lite

There’s exciting news from HHA (800-548-7812) for 2017 – the award-winning Optimizer Lite is now available in a three-pin model ($220). The Optimizer Lite has long been a bowhunter favorite thanks to its unmatched accuracy – simply sight-in at 20 and 60 yards, select the pre-printed sight tape that works for your setup, and you can shoot anywhere from 20 to 80 yards in 5-yard increments. Made in the U.S.A., the Optimizer Lite offers tool-free adjustments, rugged construction, fully protected fiber optics and a 100 percent lifetime warranty. The three .019 pins boast 4 ½ feet of fiber optics in a 2-inch housing.

TruGlo / Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro

TruGlo (888-887-8456) has upgraded the popular Range Rover Pro. The new Range Rover Pro ($245) is fitted with a next-generation green LED featuring digital, push-button control that resets to the last used level of brightness when powered on. The Zero-In adjustment dial is easy to set up with 80 pre-marked yardage tapes included and an adjustable end-of-travel stop. Yardage and windage locks are micro-adjustable with a tool-less knob and lock. Other features include a ½-inch diameter sight dot to reduce torque and laser-engraved windage/elevation hash marks.

TruGlo / Carbon Hybrid Micro

The Carbon Hybrid Micro ($99 to $111) from TruGlo (888-887-8456) blends carbon composites and advanced aluminum into one tough, lightweight sight design that is not only durable, but also vibration-resistant for quieter performance. A longer bracket increases the sight radius for better accuracy and a wider field of view for quicker target acquisition – something hunters will really appreciate at longer ranges. The bracket is reversible to increase vertical adjustment. Extra-long optical fibers absorb plenty of light to increase pin visibility in all light conditions. Micro-adjustability with a tool-less design makes for hassle-free sight-in.

Elite / EX5

Ultra-light and compact, the new EX5 from Elite (877-503-5483) offers a synthetic five-pin aperture; the ArmedGuard Fiber-Management System protects the fibers. The EX5 boasts tough .019 Rhino Pins and a Smart-Mount bar with three sets of mounting holes. Other features include laser-engraved markings for elevation, windage and individual pin adjustment, and an enclosed rheostat light for adjustable pin brightness.

Black Gold / Ascent Verdict with X-Frame

Black Gold’s (406-388-9060) popular Ascent Verdict bow sights are now available with the X-Frame base ($249 to $260). Strong and light, the X-Frame is fully adjustable on all three axis planes. The Dial-of-Death adjustment wheel is durable and easy to use, even at the moment of truth. The Ascent Verdict is available in one-, three- and five-pin models.

Black Gold / Competition Sight

For 2017, Black Gold (406-388-9060) offers a sight that is micro-adjustable on the first, second and third axis – an industry first. The Competition Sight ($425 to $435) includes a micro-adjustable gang windage assembly, a lockable quick-slide wheel, 20-click vertical knob and 24-pitch drive screw. This sight is available in either a 6-inch or 9-inch dovetail construction.

Fuse Archery / Cybex 5-Pin Slider Quick-Adjust Sight

A stylish five-pin slider, the 5-Pin Quick-Adjust from Fuse (801-363-2990) features precision stainless-steel pins, a Stealth Band to squelch unwanted noise and vibration and micro-click adjustment knobs. In addition, the sight features second- and third-axis adjustment, and it comes with a three-stage sight light. Set each pin to its specific distance, and then use the easy-to-grip dial to slide your bottom pin to those dial-to-the-yard distances. The sight comes with pre-printed yardage tapes and is available exclusively in Black Out with eight interchangeable colored Stealth Bands. A three-stage sight light is included.

Fuse Archery / Cybex Single-Pin Slider Quick-Adjust Sight

The single-pin crowd is going to love the Stealth Band color customization and smooth, friction-free dial-to-the-yard nature of Fuse’s (801-363-2990) Cybex Single-Pin. A bright stainless-steel vertical pin rises from the center of the bulletproof housing, and windage and elevation adjustments are quick and simple via the easy-to-locate adjustment knobs. The Quick-Adjust Slider requires only a simple flip of the thumb but locks down tight. Resting on the opposite side of the adjustment wheel, the tape is easily identifiable and protected from the elements.

Trophy Ridge / React H5

Just in time for the 2017 hunting season, Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494) has upgraded its popular bow sights with the new React H5 series. Available in black ($149) or Realtree Xtra Green ($159), the five-pin H5 features a sleeker, lighter design that still incorporates Trophy Ridge’s innovative React Technology for quicker, easier sight-in. Just adjust the 20- and 30-yard pins, and the 40-, 50- and 60-yard markers will be right on the bull’s-eye. The React H5 offers tool-less, micro-click adjustments for both windage and elevation, with the additional long-distance accuracy of a second-axis adjustment point.

Axcel Sights / AccuHunter Plus

For bowhunters who like a crosshair-style scope, Axcel Sights (434-929-2800) is offering the AccuHunter Plus bow sight ($240) with the AV Hunter scope option. This includes a crosshair insert, along with the company’s torque-ring indicator and a unique sliding rheostat. The rheostat is adjustable, so users can set pin brightness at the perfect level for any light condition – no more flare or washed-out pin. Both the Plus model and the straight, single-pin AccuHunter feature Axcel’s FirePin, which is ultra-bright thanks to the company’s proprietary fiber-optic wrap. The whole package is built into a durable housing and solid bracket with individual elevation and windage locks and an adjustable dead stop at the 20-yard mark.

Spot-Hogg / MRT Pin Guard

New for the sight accessory world, Spot Hogg (888-302-7768) is offering the MRT Pin Guard, which is currently available to fit all 2017 three- or five-pin Spot-Hogg sights. (A seven-pin option is in the works.) Two multi-ring options – small or large – allow for precise peep-to-sight alignment, delivering maximum accuracy in nearly all light conditions, from near dark to bright sunlight. A larger level is easier to see, and the fiber optics are protected from damage thanks to full-coverage pins that are independently adjustable on a micro-level. The MRT accepts most lenses without the need for adapters.

Spot-Hogg / Fast Eddie with Dual Pin Pointer

While the Fast Eddie bow sight from Spot-Hogg (888-302-7768) has been around for a season or two, what is new for 2017 is an innovative dual-pin pointer available on both the Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL dual-pin sights. This new addition elevates the effectiveness of the Double Pin housing, giving the shooter instant verification of the exact distance to both aiming fibers no matter the yardage dial setting. The Fast Eddie offers the same fixed-mount design with 6061 aluminum construction in a sight that is micro-adjustable on both the second and third axis. The sight also features a silent, click-free adjustment dial with easy-to-read yardage dial.


The SL4 ($150) from Custom Bow Equipment (606-663-2734) is designed to be tough – something backcountry hunters can depend on in those difficult mountain conditions. The lightweight housing is built from a composite blend and fitted with CBE’s ArmedGuard Fiber Management System to protect the four .019 Rhino pins from breakage. Even the bolts are stainless steel to ward off rust. Backed with 12 inches of optical fiber, the pins are plenty bright whether you’re in the dark timber or open meadows. The sight offers easy windage and gang elevation adjustments with laser-engraved reference markings and a quick-view window, and CBE’s Tough as Nails guarantee ensures quick repair or replacement should your SL4 get damaged for any reason.

Rocky Mountain / Five-Pin Sight

Expect to see a lot of exciting new introductions from Rocky Mountain (800-282-4868) this year, including a full line of bow sights. The new Five-Pin model is available in both direct mount ($80) and dovetail ($100) designs. It features all-aluminum construction with five fully captured .019 pins for maximum versatility at a variety of ranges. This sight is adjustable on both the second and third axis, with windage and elevation micro-adjustable without the need for wrenches or other tools. Laser-etched markers won’t fade or disappear over time.

Rocky Mountain / Slider

Rocky Mountain (800-282-4868) returns to the archery world in 2017 with a bang. One product we’re excited about is the Slider ($130 to $150) bow sight, which will be available in both one- and three-pin models, each with easily removable, full-capture .019 pins. Tough and lightweight, the Slider is fitted with tool-less, micro-adjustment on both the windage and elevation, which are marked with laser-etched hashes. The Slider is second- and third-axis adjustable for maximum accuracy at extended ranges, and it comes with an adjustable zero-stop on the moveable head. The Slider includes a built-in light adapter.

Extreme Archery / Voyager Series

Extreme Archery (606-928-9447) offers an affordable sight line in the Voyager Series. The feature-packed Voyager Ranger ($100) features a slider system for easy long-range adjustment. A full range of glow-in-the-dark indicator marks makes for easy zeroing. The Ranger boasts a .019 Lightning Fire stainless-steel up-pin, second- and third-axis level adjustments, micro drive adjustment for windage and a 13⁄4-inch scope housing that accepts powered lenses. An adjustable rheostat light is included.

PSE Archery / Amp 2G

When it comes to affordable performance, the Amp 2G ($40) from PSE Archery (520-884-9065) delivers. The five .019 pins are protected in an oversized 2-inch diameter housing that increases the field of view and aids in low-light target acquisition. The full-capture design protects pins and allows maximum light transmission through the optical cable. The Amp 2G provides full windage and elevation adjustment with clear hash marks for reference and fits most bows, thanks to an ambidextrous fixed-plate mounting system that extends from 3 ¼ to 4 inches. This sight includes a bubble level and blue sight light.

PSE Archery / X-Force Drive Max

PSE Archery (520-884-9065) puts full elevation control at archers’ fingertips with the full-featured X-Force Drive Max ($200). The speed dial offers quick, easy pin adjustment via a bushing-fitted drive system that is whisper-quiet. Fully adjustable on both the second and third axis for supreme accuracy at all ranges, the X-Force is also fitted with an ample yardage indicator pin and scale, along with an elevation lock to prevent unwanted movement. Everything is fit within a CNC-machined mount and housing finished with a vibration-dampening soft coating and hand-fit at the factory to exacting tolerances. The X-Force Drive Max is offered in a four-pin design with .019 fiber optics in a full-capture pin.

Apex Gear / Covert Pro

Apex Gear (877-701-2739) is offering a single-pin sight without the pin. Confused? Don’t be. The Covert Pro ($245) exchanges a tactile pin for a green LED Power-Dot, offering the ultimate in aiming points in a sliding sight for any range. The adjustable LED cycles through 11 different settings for optimum viewing in all light conditions. Gear-driven elevation controls and a gravity-aided rotational axis mean the pin is always on target. The package includes 120 pre-marked elevation tapes and a neoprene lens cover. The Covert Pro’s battery lasts 400 hours under normal conditions and has a four-hour auto shutoff.

IQ / Pro Hunter

It’s easy to see why the Pro Hunter ($260) from IQ Bowsights (800-282-4868) is a bowhunter’s best friend. This easy-to-use sight sports a unique 2+1 pin design that features dual fixed .019 pins for close-up work at 20 or 30 yards and a dial-adjustable third pin that allows archers to accurately reach out on farther targets. A single, oversized dial below the durable housing quickly puts the bottom pin on target with an easy-to-read yardage tape within the housing for head’s-up ranging. The Retina Lock dot-within-a-dot design instantly tells the shooter if the bow is torqued or the anchor point compromised. Other features include positive zero-stop design, built-in sight levels, tool-free locking knobs, and uber-precise incremental adjustments on windage and elevation knobs of 0.0015 per click.

Axion Archery / Vue

Value hunters will be happy to hear Axion Archery has dropped the price of the popular Vue ($88) and made it available in the hot Kryptek Highlander camo pattern. The sight still boasts durable, lightweight CNC-machined 6061T aluminum construction and the archer’s choice of .019 or .009 fiber-optic pins. The 2-inch pin guard is fitted with a glowing ring to reduce the chance of torque and includes both a level and rheostat-adjustable blue light. Windage and elevation adjustments are straightforward, and the sight is laser-etched with reference marks for quicker, easier sight-in sessions.

Axion Archery / Driver

Axion Archery’s signature single-pin sight, the Driver ($96), packs 2 feet of optical fiber that light up the sight picture in the dimmest of conditions. Fully customizable, the single pin can be rotated up, down, left or right to fit the archer’s preferred pin placement, offers end-of-travel stop and is third-axis adjustable. The Driver is fully compatible with scope-type lenses, as well as one-piece quivers.

Copper John / TST

Sure, range time is great, but in the wild, a shot might require the hunter to kneel, squat or twist. To compensate for these odd angles, Copper John (315-258-9269) invented the TST ($115 to $125) with Torque Synchronizing Technology. By mounting the sight on the inside of the riser, the .019 pins and the point of the arrow move in conjunction any time the bow is torqued, such as when the user is taking shots at odd angles. Fully adjustable with second- and third-axis assembly, the TST features aluminum frame construction and fully shielded optical fibers.

.30-06 Outdoors / Longitude

Aptly named, the Longitude ($229) from .30-06 Outdoors (614-409-9300) features a long drive shaft that allows archers to dial in the exact range easily without having to reach around to the front of the riser. The dovetail rail allows for accurate, fine adjustments when aligning the aluminum housing with the peep. Hunters who also spend the off-season in league play will appreciate having two swappable heads – a single-pin housing and a three-pin model, both of which feature bright, durable .019 fiber optics. The kit also includes a sight light, magnifier and levels.

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