Must-See Target Shooting Gear

There's never a closed season on targets. Stocking the right products for your customers can keep the game fresh and exciting.

Must-See Target Shooting Gear

Most of those hunters also find the same satisfaction from punching paper or pounding arrows into foam. Photo: John Hafner

For so many, the silent tranquility of the hunt is what calms the soul. Most of those hunters also find the same satisfaction from punching paper or pounding arrows into foam. In the target arena, one can truly see what kind of shot they are, shooting for the best score where winning is measured in centimeters, not yards.

Finding the right products or tweaking one’s set-up can keep the game fresh, as can always working toward being your best self when flinging arrows down range. The following review provides insight into a few new and exciting archery products available this year, as well as features a few tried-and-true offerings from the past couple seasons. As you’ll see, many companies are eager to continue making great products for the archery industry and for your storefront.

Remember, there is no offseason; for archers and bowhunters alike, it’s always target season.

Mathews TRX 36 and TRX 40

New for 2020, Mathews archery added two new bows to their competition line, the TRX 36 and the TRX 40. Building on the already popular TRX line the TRX 36 with a 36-inch axle-to-axle length and the TRX 40 with a 40-inch axle-to-axle length. Whether an archer is looking for more speed, stability or just like the feel of a certain length bow, they can likely find what they are looking for in the TRX line. Both bows are available in 70 percent or 80 perecent let-off to also fit individual archers needs. Like most new Mathews bows, these models have the Crosscentric cams, riser cages on top and bottom and the 3-D damper up front and at the shot vibration is virtually non-existent. A couple great new features on these bows are the enlarged stabilizer bushing and the option of side plates on the grip or the engage grip. The option of the flat back grip with just side plates or the more rounded soft feel of the engage grip will surely be a hit for those archers who prefer a certain feel. The advantages of the enlarged stabilizer bushing is just a larger surface for a more solid mounting when using large stabilizers that are often used in target archery. The TRX 40 has a 7-inch brace height, an IBO rating of 325 FPS and is available in 50, 60 and 70 pound draw weights and has draw length adjustments from 25.5 to 32 inches. The TRX 36 has a 6.5-inch brace height, an IBO rating of 334 fps and is available in 50, 60 and 70 pound draw weights and has draw length adjustments from 24 to 30.5 inches.

Hoyt Invicta

New from Hoyt for 2020 is the Invicta shoot-through-riser bow. They engineered the Invicta to have the longest riser platform they have ever made and also a lower center of mass. Together these options have made for a superbly stable platform for those shots when millimeters can make all the difference in a tournament. Also, they flattened the grip angle to meet the preferences of many target archers. To add to that, they made a modular grip system that makes changing the grip angle as well as the ability to shorten or lengthen the draw length by adding or removing grip inserts. This makes finding the exact fit and feel easier for varying shooters. This bow also has the new Invicta Zero Tolerance Limb Pocket that holds the new high performance parallel target limb system that is more powerful and also has 50 percent less recoil and noise than on previous models. There are two cams available on the Invicta. The DCX cam has a smooth draw and a firm wall with speed increases of 15 fps from previous bows and is available in 65 or 75 percent letoff. The other option is the SDX, 65 percent letoff with an ultra-firm wall that provides speeds up to 330 fps. With the SDX cam you can remove the draw stop washer for a softer wall. Another cool option on the Invicta is the ability to change the angle of the cable guard to help eliminate torque. The Invicta is available in either a 37-inch or 40-inch axle to-length with both cams available on each and are available in nine target colors.

Easton X23 & X27

The folks at Easton have updated the look of the popular X23 and X27 shafts. The tail end of the shaft still has the classic polished anodized silver finish while the front has a hard-coat black diamond Polished anodized finish. The X23 come in 2312 (9.5 gpi), 2314 (10.8 gpi), 2315 (11.8 gpi) and 2318 (13.7 gpi) sizes and the X27 come in 2712s (11.3 gpi). These arrows are supremely straight and closely weight matched with straightness tolerances of +/-.001-inch and weight tolerances of +/-0.75 percent. Components are sold separately.

Bowtech Reckoning 38

The 38-inch axle-to axle length and ultra wide riser on the Bowtech Reckoning 38 provides exactly the type of balance and stability for even the most demanding archers. The Deadlock system on the cams, limb pockets and cable containment systems lock the entire system in place so there is zero movement once the bow is tuned. Like last year’s Reckoning series bows, the 38’s cams can be shifted from side to side with the simple turn of an Allen head to achieve the perfect tune while keeping your rest at its factory center shot. After this is done the Deadlock system locks the cam in place for zero movement. The Reckoning 38 has a generous 7 1/8-inch brace height and also has the customizable Clutch Performance Grip system and is available in nine colors.

Trufire Sear

Although the Trufire Sear features amazingly good looks, this release is so much more than a pretty face. Probably the coolest setting on the Sear is the adjustable clicks. Many people won’t understand what that even means, but those who have shot a hinge release understand how important this is. Being able to adjust the length of the clicks from short click, medium click, long click and no click by simply loosening a setscrew and removing a small dowel to rotate the sear. The Sear is a three-finger release, but can be made into a four-finger release by adding a fourth finger attachment. This fourth finger adjustment also allows for 45-degrees of adjustment. The release has a heavy brass handle and is available in five colors (orange, red, green, blue and silver).

Rinehart 1/3 Scale Caribou

Going off the popularity of last year’s 1/3 scale elk target, Rinehart is releasing a 1/3 scale Woodland Caribou for 2020. This target measures 41 inches to the top of the antlers and is 46 inches long, which is approximately 1/3 the size of a live bull caribou. The idea of the 1/3 scale size is to simulate a 60-yard shot at 20 yards. These targets are constructed of Rinehart’s solid FX woodland foam and have the Signature series replaceable foam core.

Carbon Express Tank 23-D

The Carbon Express Tank 23-D is made to be tough. In 3-D archery, arrows are always slamming into high-density foam and since other shooters will be shooting at the nock end of you arrow, they built this arrow to be ultra-strong on both ends to handle the rigors of target shooting. Another interesting feature for those who spine tune is the 360 degree spine, meaning these arrows have a consistent spine all the way around. These shafts have a straightness tolerance of +/-.0025-inch and a weight tolerance of +/-1.0 grains. Available in three spine sizes 350, 400 and 500. More components for these arrows are sold separately.

Block Range Targets

There aren’t many people who shoot more arrows than a true target archer. Many of these people will shoot literally thousands of arrows a year, and finding a target that can hold up to that kind of abuse can be difficult. Although not new, the block range targets are a superb option for either the pro shop or individual archer. Although capable of being shot with broadheads or field tips, this target will hold up for a very long time if shot strictly with field tips, making them perfect for the target archer. Made out of banded together, unglued layers, these targets stop with friction. This makes for great stopping power and easy arrow removal. Available in three sizes: Block Range 24 (24x18x48-inches), Block Range 28 (28x18x28-inches) and Block Range 48 (48x18x48-inches).

Apex Surge

The new offering from Apex is the Surge Arrow Rest. The Surge has a delayed trigger that is timed to keep the arrow up during the initial launch movement then the speed actuation system quickly pulls the rest down out of the way for complete fletching clearance. The Surge rest is full containment and can be clicked up to hold your arrow in place before you draw. It also comes standard with two launchers to accommodate different arrow sizes. The Surge has a laser-marked full draw indicator, independent windage and elevation adjustments and is available for right or left-handed shooters.


New from HHA Archery for 2020 is the Tetra Max. The Tetra Max retains some features of the original Tetra such as the Infinite adjustment front end that allows a shooter to more precisely make vertical adjustments with the scope on the sight. Unlike the Tetra of the past though, the Max allows you to interchange the yardage wheels. This comes in handy for those wanting to use the same bow and sight set up for whatever they may be doing, from hunting to target archery. One can simply have different yardage wheels set up for varying arrows. Like other sights in the Tetra series, the Tetra Max has the bright monster green scope housing alignment ring as well as a built-in level. The scope is offered in two sizes, 1 5/8-inch and 1 ¾-inch with pin sizes of .019 or .010. The Tetra Series of sights are available exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers and the line is fully MAP protected.

Delta McKenzie

For those who shoot the ASA tournaments, Delta McKenzie has added the Wolverine Archery Target to the tournament lineup. The wolverine is a realistic looking target made from Dura Flex foam, known for durability and easy arrow removal. The Wolverine target features a removable/replaceable core that can be purchased for extending the life of the target. The wolverine weighs 22 pounds, is 24 inches tall, 36.5 inches long and is 12 inches deep.


Morrell Targets has teamed up with Cameron Hanes on the Keep Hammering Outdoor Range Bag Target. This durable, weather resistant target measures 29x31x14 inches and is capable of stopping arrows and bolts up to 380 fps. One side has a full-size silhouette of a deer with spots on the other side. The internal frame system gives the target structure and should hold up to a lot of abuse on a backyard range.


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