NASP Finally Returns to In-Person Competition

For the first time since July 2019, students gathered in person to compete in a national-level NASP tournament.

NASP Finally Returns to In-Person Competition

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was home to the first in-person national-level tournament for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) since July 2019. The combined events included 2,092 archers from 33 states competing in the Open and Championship Tournament held June 10 - 12, 2021.

The first day of the tournament was open to any NASP student regardless of past participation in a NASP tournament. Open participants simply had to attend a NASP school and be registered by an instructor associated with their school. Nearly 150 of these archers shot well enough to compete in the next day’s Championship Tournament in bullseye competition or in the International Bowhunting Organization’s (IBO) 3D competition.

NASP awarded 17 scholarships, each one valued at $500, to randomly selected archers at the end of each flight throughout the entire bullseye competition.

At the beginning of the Championship awards ceremony, a scholarship shoot-off was held among the top five overall male and female archers. The winners of each gender took home first place $5,000, second place $4,000, third place $3,000, fourth place $2,000, and fifth place $1,000.

Said NASP President, Tommy Floyd, “We are thrilled to be conducting an in-person tournament again. Our entire team loves to see the large crowds and the smiling archers. These past months have been difficult, as so many of our student archers were unable to attend any in-person events due to the pandemic. We wanted to increase the number of archers receiving college scholarship dollars, and the random scholarships were a tremendous positive for the individuals and their families, and something I think we will continue. NASP is very grateful to its many ‘medal level’ and ‘partner’ level sponsors who help make these scholarships possible."

Our top-performing archers in the scholarship shoot-off demonstrated just how talented NASP archers really are. The shoot-off was very exciting to watch and it reinforced how glad we are to return to an in-person event – NASP is back!”

Ryan Bass, NASP IBO 3D Director said, “We are very pleased about the return to in-person shooting for our 3D archers. We know they have been waiting so long to get back to what they love to do. We are excited about the future as more schools open and normalcy returns. We are extremely optimistic about the continued growth of the NASP IBO 3D Challenge!”


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