Do You Need a Company Website?

Not sure whether you need a dedicated company website? Perhaps having a Facebook page and presence is enough? Don’t be so sure.
Do You Need a Company Website?

You need a website. Yes, you. I know many of you are still using Facebook in lieu of a website, and it may be working for you — for now. But if you’re relying on Facebook instead of building a website for yourself, you’re missing out on potential customers — especially younger consumers who are moving on from Facebook — and you’ll have a much harder time building your email list.

You don’t have to have a degree in web design to build a decent website. Platforms such as WordPress and SquareSpace offer a number of easy-to-use website designs and can walk you through the process of purchasing your domain name, all without you having to learn a line of code.

What information should be on your website? Think about what questions you regularly are asked via phone calls, and make sure the answers to those questions are on your site. Other good (and more advanced) features to have on your site include lesson information and signups, and a link to sign up for your email list.

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The ATA is an outstanding resource for getting started on building a company website.

Don’t feel up to handling this on your own? Check out the resources available through the ATA. The ATA’s service provider has templates available for purchase that can give your shop a professional look online.


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