A New-for-2019 Camo: VEIL WHITETAIL

Knowing that appealing to whitetail deer hunters is crucial for brand success, Veil Camo announces a new-for-2019 pattern called VEIL WHITETAIL.
A New-for-2019 Camo: VEIL WHITETAIL

Veil Camo is a new company that hopes to change the landscape of camouflage. With its distinctive designs and scientific foundation in animal science, Veil Camo has quickly captured the eyes and attention of everyone utilizing camo. The company is excited to introduce VEIL WHITETAIL for 2019 product lines.

Veil Camo

VEIL WHITETAIL is a concealment package that destroys the human outline and allows the hunter to seemingly disappear. The careful use of abstract design, chaos theory and color provide complete concealment, whether hunting spot and stalk or stationary in ground blinds and treestands. VEIL WHITETAIL disrupts the human form while providing depth and blend where needed.

Veil Camo“We set out to push against conformity and challenge the limitations that stand in the way of progress,” said Veil Camo Designer Joseph Skinner.  “We combined solid camouflage principles with research data on vision and perception. WHITETAIL is a completely calculated concealment, designed specifically for the whitetail hunter who needs to vanish whether you hunt from the ground or a stand.”

For manufacturers it is vital to have superior products and drive innovation. With exclusivity among categories, Veil Camo is drawing a distinct line in the sand that will help manufacturers separate from their competitors. Consumers demand change and retailers will mandate shelf space to what is sure to be one of the most talked about camouflage hitting the market. VEIL WHITETAIL is now ready for 2019 product lines.

For licensing opportunities, contact Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil Camo, by calling (225) 223-8110 or emailing smoore@veilcamo.com.


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