New Muzzy Merc Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Muzzy has been building deadly fixed-blade broadheads for decades, and the company’s latest offering, the Muzzy Merc, might be its best one yet.
New Muzzy Merc Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Muzzy MercWhen it comes to fixed-blade broadheads, Muzzy certainly needs no introduction. The company has been making killer fixed-blades for since 1984. That said, Muzzy understands there’s always room for improvement, so they’ve recently introduced the new, Merc three-blade broadhead. Living up to the high standards that Muzzy has set in the past, the new Merc is strong, durable and accurate.

Muzzy MercMuzzy Merc Specs

The Muzzy Merc combines a stainless-steel ferrule with a fail-proof 3-blade locking system to deliver devastating wound channels from a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. Accurate and dependable at all ranges, the Merc gets the job done quickly and quietly with the peace of mind that only a premium fixed-blade broadhead can offer.

Reliability starts with the one-piece solid, stainless-steel ferrule designed for extreme durability, deep penetration and quiet flight. The Merc’s innovative tip design encapsulates the head’s three razor-sharp .030-inch-thick replaceable blades for exceptional blade retention and bone-crushing power.

A threaded aluminum blade retention system ensures the head will maintain integrity and not shed its blades no matter what they encounter. And as the video below explains, this system also eliminates any blade retention problems when the Muzzy Merc is carried in a quiver.


The unique geometry and venting of the Muzzy Merc delivers stable flight and extreme bloodletting for accurate shots and short blood trails. The 100-grain Muzzy Merc is available in a three pack for an MSRP of $39.99.

About Muzzy Broadheads

Founded in 1984, Muzzy is a pioneer in the broadhead market and a division of FeraDyne Outdoors, headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin. For more information on the full line of Muzzy state-of-the-art archery equipment, click here or call (800) 282-4868.


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