One Simple Tip for Driving Store Traffic

There are many ways to drive store traffic, but many come with a high price tag. This one is free — and your customers will appreciate it.

One Simple Tip for Driving Store Traffic

Facebook photo courtesy of Skull Hooker/@langslawn

Recently while scrolling my Facebook timeline, I spotted a post from Schaffer Archery that made me think: Great idea!

As you can see in the screen-shot below, Schaffer Archery invited a Pope and Young Club official measurer to its shop. Customers could bring in their trophies to have them scored during a four-hour window on a Saturday.

When it comes to driving store traffic, three words come to mind for archery shop owners: simple, effective, free.

Consider this: The official scorer is a volunteer. He or she gives their time to the Pope and Young Club because they believe in its mission. That means it costs you nothing to have them measure antlers, horns and skulls in your archery shop.

Assuming a number of customers arrive at your store at the same time, there will be some waiting involved. And yes, they’ll stand around and tell hunting stories to each other, but they’ll also browse through gear in your store. Some of this tire kicking will turn into sales. 

Of course, the amount of store traffic will depend on how much you promote the scoring event. One Facebook post is a start, but it’s also the perfect topic to cover in an email blast to your customer list. It makes sense to promote it on Twitter and other social media outlets as well.

The only items you’ll need to provide to the P&Y measurer is a table and a chair. (Water and lunch/snacks would be appreciated, too.) Assuming the event is a success, you could repeat it annually. Your customers will look forward to it, and they’ll bring their friends, too.

You likely already know an official scorer for the P&Y Club, but if you don’t, the Club has a database. You can check it out by clicking here. You can search by state; the names and phone numbers will be listed in alphabetical order by city.

FYI: Ken Rimer, the scorer named in the Facebook post by Schaffer Archery, is one of 58 P&Y Club measurers listed in Wisconsin. Schaffer Archery is located in Burnsville, Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Rimer is from Hammond, Wisconsin, which is only 50 miles from Burnsville. Minnesota lists 34 P&Y Club measurers.


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