Pope and Young Announces Renewed Mission and Fresh Look

Pope and Young recently unveiled a focused mission and rebrand following the 32nd Biennial Convention that celebrated 60 years of bowhunting conservation for the club.

Pope and Young Announces Renewed Mission and Fresh Look

The challenges facing bowhunting’s future are ever evolving. Anti-hunters and activists continue to work to destroy hunting and the privileges we enjoy. Thankfully, Pope and Young exists to make a stand for bowhunting. Following the 32nd Biennial P&Y Convention, which celebrated 60 years of bowhunting conservation for the club, Pope and Young unveiled a rebranding effort, and further strengthened its voice by implementing the “Three Pillars” — a mission that seeks to preserve, promote and protect bowhunting.

“The Three Pillars mean a great deal to Pope and Young,” said P&Y President Kurt Ebers. “They provide a defined mission that the club can commit to and bowhunters can get behind. It’s an exciting time for the organization, and we’re proud to stake the claim as the voice of the bowhunter.”

This refined mission was built around an extensive assessment of Pope and Young’s past, present and future. It is an ideal blend that considers the current state of bowhunting, and the necessary role of Pope and Young, while remembering the club’s rich history of bowhunting heritage.

Pope and Young is an organization for every bowhunter, an entry into the record books is not required for membership, only a passion for bowhunting. Pope and Young’s message and the Three Pillars will focus the club’s efforts to represent all bowhunters.


The Three Pillars


Pope and Young has proudly documented and preserved bowhunting’s heritage for over 60 years. This dedication is at the core of Pope and Young and will forever be the founding pillar of the organization.


It is not enough to merely preserve bowhunting’s heritage. It is Pope and Young’s duty and responsibility to carry on the work of past icons such as Saxton Pope, Arthur Young and Fred Bear to promote our sport. The club will always invite and encourage others of all walks of life, and all skill levels, to experience the adrenaline rush of intimate encounters with Big Game that are only found through bowhunting. 


Hunting is under attack. There is no guarantee that our lifestyle and our heritage will be around for the next generation unless we actively defend it. Pope and Young is here to make a stand for bowhunters and to protect this great sport.

Pope and Young’s Three Pillars are the club’s promise to lead bowhunting into the future.

In conjunction with a renewed mission, the club has been eagerly awaiting the release of the organization’s rebrand. A project that has resulted in a new logo, redesigned website, and several other aspects that will define Pope and Young for the future. This is yet another step in the process of strengthening and advancing Pope and Young’s leading role as the premier bowhunting organization in North America.

Part of Pope and Young’s rebrand includes this new logo.
Part of Pope and Young’s rebrand includes this new logo.

“Bowhunters need to know that Pope and Young is here to stay,” said Executive Director Jason Rounsaville. “The club is here to preserve, promote and protect our sport and will do everything in its power to glorify bowhunting in a positive light.”

For more information, visit www.pope-young.org.


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