Pope and Young Giving Away California Blacktail Hunt to a Youth Member and Other Industry News

On Sept. 19, 2022, P&Y giving away a California blacktail hunt to a youth member; S3DA partners with Easton Foundations for target rental program; and Easton celebrates the 50th anniversary of Olympic archery’s return.

Pope and Young Giving Away California Blacktail Hunt to a Youth Member and Other Industry News

Pope and Young Giving Away California Blacktail Hunt to a Youth Member

Pope and Young values youth, and sees them as the future of bowhunting. In order to preserve, promote, and protect the bowhunting, the tradition must be passed onto the next generation of hunters. With that in mind, the organization is sending a youth P&Y member on a free blacktail hunt, with tags and license included, with Arrow Five Outfitters.

On Sept. 19, 2022, Pope and Young will be drawing one P&Y youth member to win this 4-day northern California blacktail hunt. The organization will announce the winner on the Pope and Young Podcast, available on the morning of September 20, wherever you get your podcasts. The youth must be 12-18 in age to go on this hunt, but all youth, ages 0-18 will be entered for P&Y convention drawings in April of 2023.

With a $10 youth membership fee, you’re investing in their future as a bowhunter, and helping to ensure their rights as a bowhunter for generations to come, but also getting the opportunity for not only a FREE hunt, but lots of great prizes next April at P&Y’s 2023 Pope and Young Convention!

Click here to sign up a youth hunter today to become a member of Pope and Young.


S3DA Partners with Easton Foundations for Target Rental Program

Scholastic 3-D Archery has partnered with the Easton Foundations to release what will be known as the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target Program.

One of the biggest roadblocks when starting a new team with any archery organization is the up-front cost associated with archery targets. Several S3DA teams have expressed interest in purchasing targets and have asked for help or guidance regarding archery equipment and targets since the inception of the program. S3DA and Easton Foundations staff worked together to create the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target Program to provide S3DA teams the opportunity to ease the initial stress of infrastructure problems.

Easton Foundations Director of Operations Carl E. Greene said, “The Easton Foundations is encouraged to support this program. We recognize one of the hardest parts of starting an archery team is range space and target expense. The rent to own program will allow teams an easier option when getting started.”

The goal of the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target program is to provide teams access to a starter set of targets for a fraction of the cost up front and the ability to pay them off over monthly installments that could be offset via either fundraising efforts or monthly membership fees. This will allow teams the opportunity to start their team faster than expected and spend more time recruiting members versus finding funding for the initial cost of targets.

This pilot program will allow 10 selected S3DA teams (only available to new teams or teams that have been with the program for less than a year) the opportunity to choose between three packages for targets that are more specific to their team’s needs. Applications will be accepted until 10 teams have been selected for the pilot program. Should any team default their payments and return the targets, they would be sold at a discounted rate to interested parties.

S3DA Executive Director Holly Helton said, “We have found that some teams prefer to focus on one discipline to begin with while others dive into all three. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a few package options to choose from that would be tailored to their individual needs while keeping the upfront expense as affordable as possible. These kits are each at a $2,500 value which includes the shipping. This is a fantastic opportunity, and we are really excited to partner with Easton Foundations to provide this to our teams.”

This opportunity will not last long so if you’re interested be sure to contact Scholastic 3-D Archery via email (infos3darchery@gmail.com) for more information.

Easton Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Olympic Archery’s Return

September 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the return of archery to the modern Olympic Games. After a hiatus of 52 years, archery returned to the Games for the 1972 Munich Olympics and has remained a core Olympic sport ever since.

American archers, John Williams and Doreen Wilbur, took gold at the historic event using made-in-USA Easton X7 arrows. Their achievement with the Easton X7 was a harbinger of things to come.

Consider this fact: To this day, Easton arrows have been used for every gold, silver and bronze title since archery’s return to the Games. Today, Olympic champions use the made-in-USA Easton X10, which has won every Olympic title since its introduction at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

To stay at the forefront, Easton shaft technology continues to evolve, with many of the benefits of Olympic-winning arrow shafts carrying over to every segment of archery, including bowhunting and recreational archery. The same technologies used for champions at 90 meters, are found in shafts such as the Easton AXIS and FMJ used in bowhunting.


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