Pope and Young Looks to Fill Executive Director Position and Other Industry News

Pope and Young searching for new executive director; S3DA hosts 11th Annual Eastern 3-D National Championship; Bear Archery partners with Rothco for new apparel line; and Wildlife Research Center celebrates 40th anniversary.

Pope and Young Looks to Fill Executive Director Position and Other Industry News

Pope and Young Looks to Fill Executive Director Position

Pope and Young is looking for an experienced, intelligent, talented, enthusiastic, and dynamic leader to fill its executive director position. As a member of the leadership team, this person will lead the organization and enhance operations in their efforts to Preserve, Promote, and Protect bowhunting.

The Executive Director is the key management leader for day-to-day operations of Pope and Young. Such responsibilities include overseeing the administration, human resources, finances, fundraising, marketing and membership recruitment and retention. In collaboration with the board of directors, the executive director will oversee the construction, implementation, and monitoring of Pope and Young’s strategic and operational plans.

Click here to learn more about the vacancy, including objectives and responsibilities, key qualifications, and benefits. Note: Applicants willing to relocate to the Rochester/Chatfield, Minnesota, area will be given preference. Applicants not willing to relocate will be expected to submit a plan for working remotely. Interested persons should email a resume, cover letter and three references to: admin@pope-young.org.

S3DA Hosts 11th Annual Eastern 3-D National Championship

S3DA has grown so immensely in the last several years that the program now hosts an S3DA Eastern 3D National Championship, as well as an S3DA Western 3D National Championship. The 11th annual S3DA Eastern 3D National Championship was recently held in collaboration with the Rend Lake Area Tourism Council, the Rend Lake Project Office & Visitor Center, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the North Marcum Multiple Resource Area in Rend Lake, Illinois.

Nearly 700 youth archers from 118 teams across 18 states participated for their chance to be crowned a “National Champion” in their division and class. The event also featured the Delta McKenzie Bowhunter Challenge and the Heath McDonald Long Shot Challenge, with both activities being sponsored by Delta McKenzie Targets. The Bowhunter Challenge featured pairs of archers (with the focus being on adult/youth teams) who both shoot various 3D targets, this brings enhanced family involvement to the event as well as tying into the conservation aspect of the S3DA program.

S3DA Social Media Marketing Coordinator Kayla Bolton said, “I had the opportunity to take pictures of the kids and families out on the ranges and talk to quite a few people. I witnessed archers from the Jr. Eagle to the Young Adult classes providing words of encouragement to one another and giving high fives or pats on the back when someone called out “upper 12” and then nailed it. I saw parents and coaches providing archers with water, snacks, and some tips and tricks on their shot process as well as checking in on their mental health. Focusing on your mental game is just as or even more important as focusing on your physical ability in the sport of archery. These archers and their families are truly one big community (or family) that would do anything for one another.”

S3DA had several sponsors on hand including Lancaster Archery Supply, Bohning, Bear Archery, Mark’s 3D Targets, Hoyt Archery, and a host of other vendors that were on-site to sell products to archers and their families. We took some time to speak with Arrow Engineering Products (AEP) owner Nunzio who had this to say, “I truly enjoy coming to the S3DA tournaments. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I have been in the archery industry for well over 30 years and I have never witnessed a sport where everyone comes together like they do in the sport of archery. I look to continue supporting the S3DA program and coming to as many national competitions as I can for years to come.”

Collegiate archery programs such as University of the Cumberlands, Union College Lindsey Wilson, Southern Illinois College, Campbellsville University, Kentucky Christian, and University of Montevallo, among others, offered high school archers with significant scholarship opportunities during the event.

The S3DA Western 3D National Championship will be held in Helena, Montana, on July 28-30, 2023. For more information on this event or the Scholastic 3-D Archery program, visit the Facebook page or www.s3da.net.

Bear Archery Partners With Rothco for New Apparel Line

Bear Archery, a division of Escalade Sports, and Rothco recently announced their collaboration on the launch of Bear Archery x Rothco Fred Bear Camouflage apparel. This partnership, spanning multiple years, will bring the revered Fred Bear camouflage pattern to life on Rothco's renowned apparel, set to debut in Spring 2024.

Rothco is a trusted leader with its time-tested designs and superior quality footwear and apparel in military, tactical, work and outdoor. By joining forces with Rothco, Bear Archery aims to amplify its brand's presence in the marketplace through this exceptional partnership. 

"Rothco's extensive industry expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products make them an ideal collaborator,” said Jon Lene, general manager of Bear Archery. “We are excited to see the throwback Fred Bear camo pattern come to life on Rothco’s innovative and cutting-edge apparel.” 

Rothco CEO Scott Sincerbeaux said, "Fred Bear is widely regarded as a trailblazer in bowhunting and archery. For 70 years, Rothco has been at the forefront of providing high-quality footwear, apparel, and gear to retailers and consumers worldwide, including the outdoor industry. This partnership not only expands our market reach, but also introduces the Bear Archery consumer to the Rothco brand."

The Fred Bear Camouflage collection will encompass a wide range of products, including outerwear, the proven Rothco BDU pant, and a curated assortment of apparel and accessory items. For more information, contact: Kristy Dineen, Rothco director of brand marketing and e-commerce; kristy.dineen@rothco.com.

Wildlife Research Center Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Wildlife Research Center started out with one simple idea: make a better deer scent than anything else on the market. It had taken many years of extensive field testing on wild deer in the wild. Hundreds of ingredients and formulations were tested to get it just right. Then in 1983, the winning combination, Trail’s End #307, became the scent that started it all.

Trail’s End #307 is a complex blend of doe urine with estrus secretions and other ingredients, some of which are not well known, but are highly effective at attracting whitetail bucks. This powerful attractor scent hits several appeals all at once. For forty years, hunters have learned that Trail’s End #307 will bring in bucks during all parts of the season, especially during the rut; and does love it, too.

MSRP for Trai’s End #307 is $10.32 for the 1 fluid ounce size and $22.66 for the 4 fluid ounce size. The products are 100 percent money-back guaranteed — direct by Wildlife Research Center.


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