Prepping for 2019 ATA Show in Louisville

The 2019 ATA Show begins January 10 in Louisville, Kentucky, and the staff at Archery Business is preparing to cover the annual event and bring you the latest and greatest in new archery gear.
Prepping for 2019 ATA Show in Louisville

Depending on where you live — and bowhunt — the 2018/19 archery deer season might have ended. That is certainly the case in my home state of Minnesota, and it’s true on my hunting land in neighboring states such as South Dakota and Wisconsin. And while it’s sad to see deer season come to an end, the one thing that immediately gets me excited for archery again — and frankly, helps lessen my whitetail withdrawals — is looking forward to the upcoming ATA Show.

This year the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show runs from January 10-12, and my list of daily meetings is already so full that I better wear running shoes to stay on schedule. Our team is taking a “divide and conquer” approach to covering the show, which means that Archery Business Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman will focus on certain families of products, while Product Editor Mike Schoblaska and I will handle many of the others. Of course, our team of Archery Business contributors/writers will also be walking the Show floor to gather info on new products as well.

This week also marks the beginning of companies teasing new archery-related products that will be announced at the 2019 ATA Show. Just this morning I saw such teasers on Facebook from TenPoint Crossbows and Can-Am.

The FB post from TenPoint stated: “JUST IN from TenPoint – their new Nitro XRT is shooting 470 FPS and you’ve been invited to be one of the first to test it out at the ATA Show!”

ATA Show
Archery Business staff will get the chance to test drive the new TenPoint Nitro XRT at the 2019 ATA Show.

Here’s the FB post from Can-Am (photo below): “This Can-Am Off-Road tracked beast is headed to ATA and SHOT; come see it in the Mossy Oak booth at both trade shows!”

ATA Show
Not only is the ATA Show filled with new bows, but it also features gear for just about any hunting adventure.

If you’re lucky enough to attend this year’s ATA Show, I hope to see you there. And I apologize in advance if I have to cut our conversation a bit short. With 528,000 square feet of exhibit space and 659 exhibitors at the 2019 ATA Show, I have a lot to cover.

The Archery Business team is excited to see — and test! — much of the new gear. And we look forward to bringing those gems we uncover at the 2019 ATA Show to you via our print magazine and website. Here’s to an exciting new year!

ATA Show
If you enjoy seeing the latest and greatest in archery gear, the best place to discover it is at the 2019 ATA Show.


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