Rinehart Adds Raven to Competition Series of 3-D Targets

For bowhunters looking to ‘aim small, miss small,’ the new Rinehart Raven is an ideal practice partner to add to the archery range.

Rinehart Adds Raven to Competition Series of 3-D Targets

The new Raven 3-D target from Rinehart Targets is completely molded with Rinehart’s Signature self-healing foam and realistic details. The Raven is not only lifelike, but it’s all-weather and UV-resistant Signature foam body can withstand shot after shot from field points and expandable broadheads without ripping or tearing. Rinehart’s high-density, self-healing foam construction allows for simple and quick arrow removal.

Measuring 19 inches high with a length of 17 inches and a simulated weight of 4 pounds, the Raven 3-D target is meant to closely replicate the real animal. MSRP of the Raven is $103, and replaceable cores are not available for this target.

For more information, visit www.rinehart3d.com.


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