The Archery Business Pavilion at SHOT Show in 2024

The Archery Business Pavilion will be a NEW part of SHOT Show focused on outdoor, hunting, archery and crossbow companies brought together in a common space.

The Archery Business Pavilion at SHOT Show in 2024

NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, has announced the creation of a new exhibit area for the archery industry at NSSF’s annual SHOT Show. This exciting new venture is a collaboration between NSSF and Grand View Outdoors, a leading provider of outdoor news and information. (Archery Business and Bowhunting World magazines are part of the Grand View Outdoors family of brands.) The SHOT Show attracts attendees from around the world each year, including buyers, media and other industry professionals. The show covers more than 816,000 net square feet of exhibit space, featuring over 2,500 companies showcasing the latest in firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories, outdoor apparel and much more. Held annually in Las Vegas, it is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for professionals involved with the shooting sports and hunting industries.

Showcasing Archery and Outdoor Gear

Recognizing a reciprocal need for both firearm and archery retailers to broaden their businesses, the new archery area, branded the Archery Business Pavilion, will feature exhibits from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the archery industry, offering attendees the opportunity to see and experience the latest in archery technology and products. The show area will be designed to provide a comprehensive look at the industry, from traditional archery equipment to cutting-edge technology.

“We’re thrilled to open up this new segment of the outdoor industry to our attendees,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. “Archery has always been a complementary retail addition for many of our members, and we believe that this new show area will provide the perfect platform for archery manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products to thousands of buyers, media and industry professionals.”

Grand View Outdoors President Derrick Nawrocki added, “This partnership with NSSF represents a significant opportunity for the archery industry to come together and demonstrate the innovation, technology and creativity that defines archery with the SHOT Show.

“Our Archery Business brand has been a rock-solid guide for archery manufacturers and dealers for nearly 50 years. Many consider Archery Business to be the ‘Voice of the Archery Industry,’ providing retailers with cutting-edge gear reviews, exclusive looks at top brands, and constantly provides key intel to help drive more business in their shops.”

Archery Business Pavilion Specifics

  • The new Archery Business Pavilion will be located within the upcoming annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Jan. 23 through Jan. 26, 2024.
  • Any manufacturer of outdoor, hunting, archery and crossbow related products can exhibit in the new Archery Business Pavilion.
  • You’ll find the Archery Business Pavilion in Caesars Forum in the Academy Ballroom.
  • Exhibit space is limited, and it’s first come, first served.
  • In future years, those who exhibited in 2024 will have first choice for space.
  • The Archery Business team, including editors and key staff, will be in the ballroom working on best ways to cover and promote companies that exhibit.
  • Additional coverage about the Archery Business Pavilion will appear in SHOT Daily during the show and within the pages of other B2B brands such as Archery Business, Hunting Retailer and Shooting Sports Retailer as we get closer to SHOT Show.

Booking Your Space

To see the Archery Business Pavilion floor plan, visit As stated previously, this space will be located in Caesars Forum. If you’re looking at a map of the entire SHOT Show space, the Archery Business Pavilion is in the Caesars Forum area showing SHOT Show University, meeting rooms, etc.

For more information on booking a booth space, visit Note: Booth space will not be final until this application is completed and the initial deposit is made.

Early Exhibitors Weigh In

Sims Vibration Laboratory/LimbSaver — Alan Lotton, Vice President

“My coworkers can attest to how excited I’ve been regarding the addition of the new Archery Business Pavilion at the 2024 Shot Show, and I am positive it will be a huge success,” said Sims Vibration Laboratory Vice President Alan Lotton. “I always wondered why the NSSF never found a way to embrace the archery category better, but now with Archery Business’ full support, it’s become a reality, and I (LimbSaver) can’t wait to be part of the groundbreaking event. After 18 consecutive years exhibiting at the annual Shot Show, having a second location dedicated to archery will provide retail buyers with a category-focused opportunity, verses having to wade through a gauntlet of the firearm and tactical exhibitors. LimbSaver is extremely excited to support Archery Business and the NSSF’s expansion at the upcoming iconic Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

The LimbSaver firearm booth #10570 will be located on the main SHOT Show floor, which is adjacent to the sky bridge connecting to the Caesars Forum and Archery Business Pavilion, where you will find LimbSaver Archery in booth #80712.

The True-Track Stabilizer is the latest model launched by Sims Vibration Laboratory (2023); Lotton says that based on popularity, the company will be expanding the True-Track line in 2024, showcasing its products at its new digs in the Archery Business Pavilion. 


ARES Archery — Rachel Pennington, VP Operations

“As ARES prepares to enter the ‘beta testing’ stage for our Pin Illuminating Rangefinder, we know the fun is just beginning,” said VP Operations Rachel Pennington. “We are eagerly anticipating the start of 2024 and the incredibly unique opportunity to be one of the first exhibitors registered for SHOT Show’s new Archery Business Pavilion. We hope this experience will showcase the years of innovation we have put into our product.”

The newly patented Pin Illuminating Rangefinder (below) from ARES Archery is designed to seamlessly couple its rangefinder to any bowsight, allowing you to lock on to your target and instantly see the appropriate sight distance pin illuminated, while also displaying a digital reading of the distance in yards.

The rangefinder can be dismounted from the bowsight and used as a standalone handheld device, easily ranging 1,000 yards.

What makes the new ARES rangefinder stand out to consumers?

  • Affordability: Coming in with at least a 30 percent lower retail cost than the competition.
  • Easy to install and use: With only one button and a simple set up.
  • Long-lasting battery: An integrated specialized battery that will last through thousands of ranges.
  • Lightweight and compact: Weighing mere ounces (yes, ounces!).
  • Dependability: Perhaps best of all, ARES boasts a lifetime warranty.

Who is ARES? In February 2021, fate brought together two avid hunters in the New Mexico desert. Bonding through faith and a shared entrepreneurial spirit, the beginnings of ARES (Archery Revolution Equipment Solutions) Limited was founded. In the years that followed, ARES co-founders have moved the company forward finding how each other’s strengths fit together. The partnership has produced a shared desire to build innovative products that will allow hunters to do what they love and ultimately take animals more ethically and effectively.

“The opportunity to have our brand featured in front of thousands of buyers, media, and industry professionals — right next to archery brands that have withstood the test of time, is invaluable to us,” Pennington said. “We believe the days of networking, interacting with industry experts, and attending educational seminars will help propel ARES forward. Come visit us at the Archery Business Pavilion, booth #80724, and see for yourself what makes ARES Archery stand out from the rest!”

To learn more about the ARES rangefinder, sign up for newsletter and updates on the website. 

GAS Bowstrings — Destany Trent, Customer Service and Sales Manager

“We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!” said GAS Bowstrings Customer Service and Sales Manager Destany Trent. “To be a part of the inauguration of archery into the biggest outdoor show is simply incredible. Bringing archery into SHOT Show will not only bring new relationships and opportunities for growth to our company, but will also open a new market for SHOT Show and its dealers. We hope that in being part of the expansion of SHOT Show we will bring a new era of growth to archery for years to come.”

By visiting the GAS Bowstrings booth #80410 in the Archery Business Pavilion, you’ll see the bowstrings below, as well as many other offerings:

 GAS Ghost XV Bowstrings are made to withstand whatever extreme elements and terrain you may encounter on your hunting trip or competition. Made from a premium blend of Vectran and Dyneema BCY materials, Ghost XV provides the ultimate balance of speed and stability while providing unmatched reliability, durability and longevity in a bowstring. Ghost XV Bowstrings are made with a low-wax BCY material that also has a light coating of color dye. This enables these strings to perform consistently and reduce creep and stretch. When combined with the company’s exclusive TTS (Total Tensioning System), the result is superior performance. As with all GAS Bowstrings, the Ghost XV Bowstrings are covered by a 1-year guarantee against peep rotation, serving separation and elongation.

GAS Freakshow Bowstrings are the most consistent and stable bowstrings produced, made to Jesse “The Freakshow” Broadwater’s specifications to hold up to any condition or arrow count. Their premium, natural BCY 452x ultra-low wax material provides them with the most consistent performance out of any bowstring. Freakshow Bowstrings feature the company’s exclusive TTS (Total Tensioning System) eliminating peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation. In addition, they are built with their own exclusive FTS (Freakshow Thermal System) to add that extra bit of stability that you can’t get with any other string set. Coming in the natural, cream-colored string, with clear serving, and black Freakshow shrink tube, they will match just about any bow on the market. Black Powergrip center serving is standard on all Freakshow Bowstrings.

High Octane strings and cables are made from high-quality BCY 452X material in your choice of more than 50 colors and are built using the company’s exclusive Total Tensioning System. End servings and speed nocks are also available in your choice of colors. BCY Powergrip center serving is standard on all High Octane Bowstrings.

Spot-Hogg Archery Products — Kris Christensen, Marketing Manager

“We’re excited about the new Archery Business Pavilion at the 2024 SHOT Show,” said Marketing Manager Kris Christensen. “We’ve never attended SHOT before, but the inclusion of an archery specific hall has us intrigued. The last few years have been hard on trade shows, yet SHOT seems to be thriving. We think it will give us a chance to reach new customers. It seems like more and more gun shops are bringing archery into the mix. We also think it’s great that a show so well established as SHOT, is giving us the opportunity to get involved.

“Spot-Hogg Archery Products offer a wide variety of sights and releases. They are all made in the USA by a family owned and operated business. Our main focus is to provide a superior product emphasizing accuracy without sacrificing durability. Spot-Hogg products are made to last a lifetime and have a lifetime warranty to back that up.”

Stop by the Spot-Hogg booth #80620 in the Archery Business Pavilion to see the company’s most popular sight line, the Fast Eddie series. It’s available in the standard hard mount (FE), a 6-inch dovetail mount (also compatible with Mathews Bridge-Lock bows), and the new Fast Eddie PM, built specifically for bows with a picatinny rail for sight mounting.

Fast Eddie series sights are available with multiple different pin configurations, from a single pin all the way up to seven pins. Spot-Hogg’s two most popular configurations are the Double Pin and Triple Stack; both provide precise yardage details to all pins, regardless of where the dial is set. 

FeraDyne Outdoors —Chris James, General Manager of Archery

“FeraDyne Outdoors is excited to be part of the new Archery Business Pavilion at the 2024 SHOT Show,” said General Manager of Archery Chris James. “We feel it will give us a place for buyers to find archery and hunting products more easily in a sea of other categories. This should help retailers use their limited time much more efficiently and allow them to spend more time in person interacting and previewing our innovative lineup for 2024.

“We are excited about our new product offerings, and encourage everyone to take time out to stop by our booth #80507 to learn about the new product offerings that will be crucial to their assortments for 2024.”

FeraDyne is parent company to many well-known outdoor brands. James said, “During SHOT Show 2024, we plan on displaying all of our archery and hunting brands to some extent with the exception of Apple, Lid Cam, Leg Cuff, Xpress. A few other brands are slated for new introductions there that we hope make the cut. The brands we will feature will likely be Rage, Muzzy, Tru-Fire, Nockturnal, all of our target brands, IQ Sights, Rocky Mountain Sights, Carbon Express,  Rhino Blinds & Treestands, Covert Cameras, Capsule Game Feeders, Scent Crusher and Wicked Tree Gear.” 

SKB Cases — Steve Kerpan, VP of Sports Sales

“Most archery customers and retailers are well aware of SKB, since we’ve been producing some of the industry’s toughest and most sought-after bow cases for more than 20 years,” said VP of Sports Sales Steve Kerpan. “But there is definitely a lot of crossover to the broader SHOT Show audience of outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, first responders and military personnel."

“We’re excited for this opportunity to showcase the sheer depth of the industries we serve, with everything from bow and gun cases, to specialty cases for tactical and military applications — if you’ve got something worth protecting, we likely make a case for it. And you’ll be able to see all of SKB’s best innovations at our SHOT Show booth #80707 in the Archery Business Pavilion.”

On display during SHOT Show 2024 will be a wide variety of SKB offerings, including these two best-sellers:

iSeries REV2 Plush Large Parallel Limb Bow Case: This case features an updated plush interior with upgraded tie-downs for the bow and gear, providing more open space to accommodate more bow models and setups while still allowing for a customized fit. Like all SKB iSeries cases, this one is waterproof, dustproof, and built to military specifications to protect your gear in the harshest environments. It fits bows up to 41.25 inches long and 16 inches wide.

Bow Traveler Case (above): Created due to popular demand, this case is the perfect all-in-one solution. It offers a padded, reinforced bottom compartment for a bow, and a separate zippered compartment above for clothing, shoes and other accessories. Despite being lightweight (only 13 pounds empty), it features padded, reinforced handles, heavy duty wheels, and built-in rail guards for maximum durability and easy transport. Case dimensions: 42 x 20 x 13 inches. 

Moultrie Mobile — Daniel Wilson, General Manager

“You can expect us to announce some exciting new products from the Moultrie Mobile lineup during SHOT Show 2024,” said Moultrie Mobile General Manager Daniel Wilson. “We’re excited to be back at SHOT Show for 2024, and the new Archery Business Pavilion offers a great environment for us to showcase our hunting-focused products. Be sure to visit us at booth #80714.”

One cellular trail cam that has proven to be very popular during 2023 is the Moultrie Mobile EDGE Pro ($179.99) This camera takes the great things from the EDGE and builds on them for an even better cellular camera. It introduces the False Trigger Elimination (FTE) technology, which reduces environmental and non-target species from triggering the camera. Basically, it sends only the photos a hunter wants. Also, it takes 36-mp photos and 1080p video (with sound). It offers a half-second trigger speed, 100-foot detection range, 100-foot IR flash range, and up to 12 months of battery life. This model also has built-in memory, so no SD card is required. You can even set custom triggering zones, or even take photos of just the species you’re after. It automatically connects to the strongest nationwide cell network.

Also new for 2023 from Moultrie Mobile: A Universal Solar Battery Pack ($99.99) will be introduced this summer to offer customers a durable and dependable power option for trail cameras and feeders that’s designed to deliver up to three times more power than existing solar solutions. It features a solar panel that is up to 60 percent larger than current options on the market, in addition to a built-in rechargeable battery capacity of 10,000mAh to provide backup power on overcast days and eliminate the need for AA batteries. Connectors will be included with the Universal Solar Battery Pack to enable compatibility with any brand of camera or feeder kit that accepts a 12v or 6v barrel jack style power input. It also includes a Flex Mount and tree strap ensuring ease of use at any location. 

Additional Moultrie Mobile accessories designed for the Edge series cameras set to launch in 2023 include a Rechargeable Battery Pack ($79.99), a Flex Mount ($19.99), and a new Security Box ($34.99) 

Vantage Point Archery — Alex Christianson, Marketing Manager

“The success of our customers and dealers is our top priority, that’s why we emphasize creating quality and reliable products to ensure our customers can succeed in their archery endeavors,” said Marketing Manager Alex Christianson. “We look forward to exhibiting in the Archery Business Pavilion at SHOT Show for the first time this upcoming year. Having attended SHOT as spectators in the past, we know it’s a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry over a shared passion. Our mission at VPA has always been to create and supply durable, American-made broadheads to the market to make bowhunting more ethical — we are confident the SHOT Show will provide us an outlet to share that mission with others.”

As you’ll see when visiting Vantage Point Archery’s booth #80611 at SHOT Show, the company continues to lead the way in precision-machined one-piece broadheads by focusing its product line on quality and durability. With much popularity and high requests, VPA has expanded its Single Bevel series.

New for 2023, VPA has added a 125-grain and 175-grain Single Bevel (above) to its premium lineup (available in both Right and Left bevel). VPA Single Bevel broadheads have ideal blade thickness, extensive single bevels (35-degree blade angles), and edges that can achieve a razor-sharp cut. Machined from S7 tool steel and depicted in an OD green Duracote Finish, the ferrule supports the head all the way to the bone-splitting tip. No weld lines or brazing, chiseled points, and heat treatment up to 58 Rockwell give these broadheads superior strength. Straight-edged, single bevel edges promote deeper penetration and bloodletting by creating spiral wound channels. Premium VPA Single Bevels are available in 125 to 300 grains with a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter, Right and Left Bevel.

VPA also offers fixed-blade models in two-blade double bevel and three-blade styles, as well as field points, field point kits, small game thumpers, ILF risers, and more. Whether you’re interested in maximum FOC, traditional archery, compounds, crossbows, or just looking for a durable, 100% American-made broadhead – VPA has something for you.


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