Top Picks: Arrows and Broadheads

Here are several top-notch arrows and broadheads you should consider stocking this bowhunting season.

Top Picks: Arrows and Broadheads

Every year, eager bowhunters rush to see new offerings from their favorite bow manufacturer or accessory companies, often spending money like it is burning a hole in their pocket. Fortunately for archery shops and manufacturers, this is the case, and annual purchases by many are what keeps our beloved sport moving forward. This happens although the newest model is rarely leaps and bounds ahead of the previous year’s model. However, archers are gear junkies and cannot help themselves.

In my opinion, it seems bowhunters research some products more than others, the lesser being the projectiles we send downrange at game animals. Just like this era’s bows, arrows have come a long way over the past couple of decades. Although arrows are exponentially better than those of the past, that improvement does come with a price.

As a little personal note, recently, when going through some old paperwork, I found an order sheet from my dad’s archery shop when I was a kid in the early 1990s. At that point, an entire dozen XX75 shafts were basically the price of a single high-end carbon arrow in today’s market. Although the quality of today’s arrows are in a completely different stratosphere of arrows from 20 years ago, it tends to hurt a little more when a lost arrow at a 3-D range can cost you more than $20. 

Like arrows, broadheads have advanced both in quality and in price. We are light years ahead of the six-packs of replaceable blade heads with flimsy razor blades, and even further advanced than the early days of mechanical/expandable broadheads.

In today’s era, there are more options in arrows and broadheads than you can shake a stick at. Choices range from micro-diameter arrows that require outserts or specialized inserts, to standard carbon arrows with regular inserts, as well as hybrid options, aluminum or steel woven within the carbon or sleeved inside or outside of the carbon shaft.

The same can be said of broadheads with dozens of options from reputable manufacturers. Shooters can choose from fixed blades, mechanicals or some hybrid of the two types. Some heads fly and tune better than others, while some cut bigger holes in game.

There are literally dozens of arrows and broadhead combinations capable of taking nearly any game animal you will likely encounter in the woods. That being said, there are some better suited for specific situations. A little research goes a long way to help narrow the field. For best results, have a few of these top picks in stock this fall.



Black Eagle Deep Impact

The Deep Impacts are a viable option for anyone looking for a micro-diameter hunting arrow. Shafts are fine-tuned using spine-to-weight ratios, which maximizes speed, kinetic energy and penetration. Shafts have a .165-inch inner diameter, straightness tolerances of .001-inch and weight tolerances of +/- 1 grain. Available in four spines, which are 300 with an 11 gpi, 350 at 9.6 gpi, 400 at gpi, and 500 at 7.6 gpi. CONTACT:


Carbon Express Maxima Triad and CX D-Stroyer

The Triad is a .166 extra-small inside diameter high-performance hunting arrow. The Tri-Spine XSD has three spines throughout the arrow, which creates less than 1⁄3 the oscillation of single spine arrows while increasing accuracy and makes tuning much more straightforward. Packages of arrows are laser matched by spine and weight for consistency. The Triads have a straightness factor of +/-.002 inch and come in 300 spine at 10.9 gpi, 350 at 10.1 gpi and 400 at 9.2 gpi.

The D-Stroyer is a double spine shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% compared to single spine arrows, which increases accuracy. The front 2/3 of the shaft is constructed of a 100% high modulus carbon weave that provides consistent spine strength and durability. Arrows are weight-matched to +/- 1.0 grains and laser checked for straightness to +/- .003 inches. Available in 350 spines at 8.9 gpi, 400 at 7.9 gpi and 500 at 7.0 gpi. CONTACT:


Day Six

The Day Six HD is a full carbon micro-diameter shaft with a .165-inch inside diameter with straightness tolerances of +/-.001 inches. The folks at Day Six make only one hunting arrow and believe there is no need to make several models; they say “if you make the perfect arrow, there is no need for multiple models.” Only those who use the arrows can confirm this, but it’s hard to argue with the logic. Shafts and arrows are available in a 250 spine at 12.6 gpi, 300 at 11.2 gpi, 400 at 9.2 gpi and new for 2020 the 275 spine at 11.8 gpi. This 275 spine is meant for those who want to shoot a little heavier point but don’t want the added arrow weight of having to go clear to a 250. CONTACT:


Easton 6.5 Acu-Carbon Bowhunter, Hunter Classic and Match Grade

Each of the arrows in this new 6.5 line of arrows uses Easton’s proprietary Acu-Carbon uniform spine process. This method produces arrows with supremely reliable tolerances and does away with the need for weight sorting and spine alignment. The 6.5s are available in three different versions; The Bowhunter have straightness tolerances of +/-.006 inches, The Hunter Classic is +/- .003 inches and the Match Grade at +/-.001 inches. Other features are the Microlite nocks, which move the throat of the nock closer to the rear of the arrow shaft, and the new 6.5MM inserts that are made with a 4X shoulder to add strength and boost FOC. The Match Grade and Classic are available in 300, 340, 400, and 500, while the Bowhunter is available in all spines other than 300. CONTACT:


Gold Tip Black Label Quantum

New for 2020, Gold Tip added to the Black Label line of arrows with their new Quantum. By laser sorting multiple points on the shaft, straightness is promised not just on the end of the arrows, but throughout the whole shaft. The Quantum has a .204-inch inside diameter and a straightness tolerance of +/-.0025 inches. They come in four spine options 250 with a 9.3 gpi, 300 at 8.3 gpi, 340 at 7.7 gpi and 400 at 7.0 gpi. These arrows are a bit lighter than some other micro arrows and may be an excellent option for someone looking for a little lighter setup.  CONTACT:


Victory Vap SS

The SS in Victory’s new Vap SS stands for stainless steel due to the stainless-steel layers infused into the carbon fiber weave. The 0.166-inch micro-diameter shafts are weight-matched to. +/-.005 grains and come in four different spines: 250 at 10.8 gpi, 300 at 9.9 gpi, 350 at 9.0 gpi and 400 at 8.5 gpi. The VAP SS is also available in three different straightness tolerances, Elite/V1 +/-.001 inches, Gamer/V3 +/- .003 inches and Sport/V6 +/- .006 inches. CONTACT:




The Annihilator heads unique design creates a wind channel that deflects both air and visceral matter away from the shaft, thus creating less drag both in air and while passing through an animal. Having a small cutting diameter of only .910 inches, this head still has a substantial cutting surface due to the design that punches a hole through game rather than just slicing a hole. The Annihilators are made from a solid piece of 4140 alloy tool steel that is hardened to Rockwell 52 for fantastic durability and edge retention. Available in 100- and 125-grain offerings. CONTACT:


G5 Striker X

G5 decided that the best way to make a new head was to simply improve on their popular Striker line, and the Striker X was born. The Striker X uses the same ultra-sharp Lutz blades, but the fourth blade provides 33% more cutting surface. Made 100% from stainless steel with a 1.25-inch cutting diameter, they are offered in 100- and 125-grain models. CONTACT:


Grim Reaper Carni-Four 4-Blade

The staggered blade technology on the Carni-Four is a unique design in the broadhead world. The way this system works is when the 1.5-inch blades open, it compresses an internal spring which deploys the shorter 1.25-inch blades. This makes a huge “square” wound channel the whole way through the animal. The .035-inch stainless blades are held in place without the use of O-rings or bands. Available in 100- and 125-grain options. CONTACT:


Iron Will Wide Series

The new Wide Series broadhead from Iron Will is a head that means business when it comes to taking down big game. Blades are made with .062-inch thick A2 steel with a 1 3⁄8-inches main blade and 3/4-inch bleeder blades; this thing is bound to cut a big hole. The Ferrules are made with grade 5 titanium and hardened stainless steel. Available in 100-, 125-, 150-, 175-, 200- and 225-grain models. CONTACT:


Kudu Contour + Plus 4-Blade

For big game or a solid single bevel option, Kudu points deserve a look. The +Plus stands for the addition of the new .625-inch-wide bleeder blades. The standard blade is made from .05-inch-thick, stainless steel that is hardened to 50 RC. The 100-grain is 1.07-inches wide and 1.18-inches long. The 125-grain is 1.25-inches wide and 1.4-inches long. CONTACT:


Muzzy One 3-Blade

Muzzy has been making great broadheads for as long as most can remember, and the new One is no exception. This solid, one-piece design with .046-inch-thick blades made from solid stainless steel makes for an ultra-durable head. Precision positioned vents ensure accuracy, and the cut on contact design provides excellent penetration on all game. The One is offered in three models, the 85-grain with a 1-inch cutting diameter, 100-grain with 1 1⁄8-inch cutting diameter and 125-grain with 1.25-inch cutting diameter. CONTACT:



This hybrid head settles the fixed vs. mechanical debate, by just providing both to the user. The pivoting main blade deflects around bone when hit to keep momentum driving forward while the mechanical bleeder blades bring more cutting to the party and together deliver 1.75-inch cutting diameter. Available in 100- and 125-grain offerings. CONTACT:


Rage Hypodermic NC+P

The new Hypodermic +P provides outstanding penetration due to its ultra-thin fully machined stainless-steel ferrule, while still providing a 1.75-inch cutting diameter with its blades at a swept-back angle. Finger-like tabs hold them in place without the need for a collar or band, but still deploy upon impact with ease. This two-blade head is available in 100- and 125-grain options. CONTACT:


Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid

This new Hybrid from Ramcat has 7⁄8-inch single bevel fixed blades, and when deployed, the mechanical blades deliver 2-inch-plus more cutting. Mechanical blades are held in place with an O-ring system to ensure blades stay put until impact. Like other Ramcat broadheads, the Diamondback has a concave airfoil scoop on the tip, which improves accuracy and penetration. Available in 100 grains. CONTACT:


Swhacker Levi Morgan Signature Series #269

The #261 in the Levi Morgan Signature line utilizes the new reinforced ribbed ferrule that provides 20% greater rigidity and strength. The #269 has blade lock technology so shooters can practice with their actual hunting heads. With a 2.5-inch cutting diameter on a 125-grain head, the #269 is sure to make a devastating wound channel. CONTACT:


Wasp Havalon HV

The folks at Wasp teamed up with knife makers, Havalon, to bring the Havalon HV to the market. This 3-blade fixed head has an aerospace-grade aluminum ferrule and .035-inch-thick surgical sharp, stainless-steel blades. These broadheads have an overall cutting diameter of 1 3⁄16 inches and packs come with six replacement blades. There are both 100- and 125-grain models available. CONTACT:


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