Manufacturer Spotlight: Vapor Trail Archery

Vapor Trail Archery helps you, the dealer, be more successful through a synergized manufacturer/dealer business relationship.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Vapor Trail Archery

In the archery-retail business, the “time is money” proverb rings oh so true. Vapor Trail Archery understands that concept, and so it works to simplify the dealer’s duties on many levels.

“Most of us at Vapor Trail have archery-retail pasts, and we thoroughly understand that side of the industry,” said Jerrod Meyer, the company’s general manager. “Time is money, so we do everything we can on our end to save dealers time, thus making their businesses run more smoothly."

Vapor Trail Archery

“For example,” Meyer added, “they can’t have bows hanging in their shops for weeks on end waiting on new string sets, so we ship every string order by the third business day. This is a year-round guarantee; we don’t make excuses during the busy season. In fact, we haven’t missed a shipping date in more than 25 years of business!”

Vapor Trail Archery

Vapor Trail Archery Is Ready to Help

Vapor Trail ArcheryInevitably, dealers occasionally face questions about what string/cable length(s) to order, but don’t worry, Vapor Trail’s skilled staff is ready to help. “We have a vast archive of strings specs, which can help save dealers more time and frustration,” Meyer stated. “We urge dealers to provide us with as much information as possible when a ‘dinosaur’ bow comes in for a new bowstring and cable(s). With specs dating back into the 1970s, we’ll most likely be able to determine exactly what you need in most cases. If you’re stumped, call us and we’ll help you through it.”

Meyer suggested that the industry is undereducated on the benefits of limb-driven rests such as Vapor Trail’s Limb Driver models. “Limb-driven rests are extremely underappreciated, underutilized and misunderstood,” Meyer cautioned. “Why would you want to tether your rest into your cables after you’ve spent hours tuning your bow? It’s counterproductive and interrupts your hard work.

Vapor Trail Archery“Limb-driven rests operate independently of the string-and-cable system, and by operating from the limb, they need not be ‘timed’ like conventional fall-away rests,” Meyer continued. “Just install the rest like a traditional stationary rest, attach the cord with a simple D-loop knot, and you’re ready to go. It significantly simplifies the tuning process, as the rest has a forgiving surface instead of a rigid, unforgiving fork that can and will, amplify shooter errors or problems with tuning/timing of the bow/rest.

“Again, time is money,” Meyer instructed. “Dealers can save 5-10 minutes every time they install a Vapor Trail Limb Driver rest. Multiply that by the number of rests you install annually, and it amounts to a lot of time. Our limb-driven rests take just a few minutes to set up, and they’re far more forgiving, reducing the amount of time needed to tune the bow. The rest does it for you.”

Everybody Wins

While time is money, a shop ultimately survives by making profits. “We’re very conscious of margins, as that’s an archery shop’s lifeblood,” Meyer said. “We keep extremely competitive margins — up to and over 50 percent — and we have free-freight programs for qualifying orders. We also install speed buttons on our strings, saving you more time on installation and increasing your profits.

“If you’re not making solid margins on both products and services, you’re selling yourself, and your business, short,” Meyer warned. “Strings and cables are excellent products on which to make solid margins, so why pay more, make less, wait longer and use inferior materials?”

In addition to streamlining the business picture, Vapor Trail has built its name upon rock-solid products. “All Vapor Trail Archery products are USA-made right here in Minnesota,” Meyer assured. “We don’t put cheap plastic parts in our rests. We use machined aluminum, brass, carbon composite and other quality materials that won’t let you down.”

Vapor Trail Archery


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