Video: Changing Lives Through Archery

People discover archery at different times in their lives, and for many different reasons. This story is about giving back — through archery — to those who defend our freedoms and keep us safe in a troubled and dangerous world.

Video: Changing Lives Through Archery

Statistics show that, on average, 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Of course, the reasons are many, but one primary factor is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

In the 10-minute video below, you’ll meet David Wootten (specialist 82nd airborne division, retired) whose life was spiraling downward due to PTSD, but his life was saved thanks to an ultimatum from his wife. And as you’ll learn, he meets a pastor at church who helps him find focus in his life through archery.

This video — “Mission 22” — highlights the work of Operation HHA USA, a non-profit organization based in central Wisconsin. Its mission is to show appreciation and create a sense of community for veterans, active military and first responders through archery and the outdoors. To learn more about HHA USA, see a list of upcoming archery events, or donate, visit

Author’s note: Thanks to the many — 74! — outdoor manufacturers that have stepped up to sponsor HHA USA. Click here to see the impressive list.


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