Gear Roundup: Bow Releases

Cash in on the newest wave of high-tech bow releases.

Gear Roundup: Bow Releases

Firearms enthusiasts and archers using compounds have one very important thing in common — their trigger finger. The index finger or thumb, and the release mechanism that initiates the release of both bullets and broadheads at breakneck speeds, determine whether the shot hits the bull’s-eye or an animal’s vitals. Having a reliable, trustworthy bow release is essential for any archer, but finding just the right style and model to fit their needs leaves a lot of them scratching their heads. And that’s where you — their friendly neighborhood archery retailer — can become their go-to guy or gal.

Bow releases come in a variety of types and styles — and makes and models. But they all serve the same purpose — to improve accuracy and consistency. Space age technology and thoughtful engineering have joined forces to deliver an array of bow release aids for archers of all skill levels. The most common types include index-finger, thumb and back-tension releases. Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks, but the final choice often comes down to personal preference — and then confidence in that choice.

So, while it’s important to stock your store — and cyber store — with a variety of bow releases, it’s equally important that you and your staff have a working knowledge of each style and makes and models, because this question is inevitable: “Which release would you recommend?” A confident answer should elicit a ca-ching at the cash register and a happy customer.

Whether your patron is a seasoned archery veteran or just getting started, investing in a high-quality bow release will help them shoot with greater accuracy, confidence and ease. And far as bow accessory sales go, this can be a big-ticket item, with prices reaching upwards of $250. Here are eight prime cash-generating examples.


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