Manufacturer Spotlight: Morrell Targets

From new target designs to new payment terms for dealers, Morrell Targets is working hard to be an advocate for archery retailers.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Morrell Targets

Morrell TargetsIn an industry where corporate conglomerates continue acquiring manufacturers, Arkansas-based Morrell Targets remains a standalone, family-owned company with a passion for helping dealers, building high-quality targets and expanding archery’s mainstream reach.

“We’re really an advocate for archery retailers,” the company’s Tanner Morrell said. “We have extensive meetings where we brainstorm ways to help our dealers, which resulted in a substantial change in terms, which became effective in 2018. For years, our payment terms were net 30, credit card and COD. We now offer what we call ‘5 ways to pay,’ which include net 60, net 120, fall dating, credit card and COD.

“In particular, many dealers have jumped on the boat with the fall-dating program (due 10/1),” Morrell continued. “These payment options offer something that works for every dealer, and extended dating, of course, gives dealers more time to recoup their costs of large orders before the payments are due.”

Additionally, Morrell Targets listens to its dealers. “We’re completely tuned-in with what they have to say,” Morrell shared. “We don’t put them on hold when they call. In fact, we don’t have an automated phone system, not because it helps our business process, but because it helps our dealers. We’re still a family-owned/operated company, and our dealers value that and thank us for it. Every Morrell employee who takes calls can field questions our dealers or consumers have. We’re all here to help.

“We’ve taken the steps to offer dealers range targets that last, too,” Morrell said. “For example, the M48 features metal framework, so it can be rebuilt time and time again. This saves our dealers piles of money.”

Morrell TargetsFun for the Whole Family

The recreational-archery market segment has grown exponentially in recent times, and Morrell Targets offers targets that promote archery as a family lifestyle. “Morrell pioneered games on archery targets,” Morrell stated. “Our gaming targets quickly became popular after we introduced them. Recreational archery is fun on its own, but these targets help families enjoy archery in unique game format. They put an interactive twist on shooting archery.”

To further promote archery, Morrell Targets is one of the largest sponsors of National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and funds Archers USA, an organization formed by Dale Morrell. “The Archers USA system is designed to help beginner archers shoot bull’s-eyes more quickly,” Morrell said. “It teaches at a faster pace to help taper the learning curve and simplify compound archery.”

Morrell Targets
Morrell Targets sponsors many well-known archers, including Cameron Hanes.

Morrell Targets Sponsored Hunters and Shooters

“We’re also looking forward to some new sponsorships,” Morrell continued. “We’re excited to announce that Cameron Hanes now endorses Morrell Targets. We love what he does for archery and bowhunting, and we’re thrilled to have him on board. In 2019 we’ll be sponsoring more big names in the archery industry, although I can’t say who at this time.”

Morrell is best known for its extensive bag-target line, but the company has revisited the formula for its solid-poured foam targets. “The new self-healing High Roller 21 is the pinnacle of diversity and longevity, and it works with all types of bows and crossbows and arrow tips,” Morrell said. “It offers six sides and 21 uniquely-placed dots to distribute wear and maximize life. Arrows remove easily, too. I recently tested it with a Scorpyd crossbow that shoots 455 fps, and the bolt only penetrated approximately 8 inches, and it pulled out easily.

“We’re jacked up about this new target and the proprietary foam it features,” Morrell said. “We’ve tested it against every other target on the market, and it outperforms everything. Expect to see us expand this line in the coming years.”

Morrell Targets
The Morrell Targets High Roller 21 is ideal for road trips.

For more information on Morrell Targets, call (479) 632-5929 or visit

Check out the video below to watch Tanner Morrell testing the High Roller 21 with his 455 fps Scorpyd crossbow. He also tries to destroy the target with a tractor bucket (1:10 mark of the video). Good stuff.



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