Manufacturer Spotlight: Spot Hogg

Established in 1997, Spot Hogg has become a leading archery brand in multiple categories.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Spot Hogg

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Mastermind Steve Johnson was designing and manufacturing various products for Golden Key when he drew up a new bowsight concept. It was the ahead-of-its-time Hogg-It, which is still a favorite in Spot Hogg’s line today.

When Golden Key was uninterested in Johnson’s concept, he didn’t crumple up and toss the blueprints. He branched off and brought it to market with support from his wife, Gloria, in 1997, and Spot Hogg was formed.

“The thing that has helped grow our brand most is that we’ve never chased categories or price points,” Spot Hogg’s Kris Christensen said. “Instead, we’ve always designed products that solve problems and help the end user be more successful in both target archery and bowhunting.

“A classic example is the Wiseguy release aid. We were all shooting thumb-trigger releases because the triggers were crisper with less travel. But, we realized that most consumers were shooting index-finger releases and punching them because the triggers were heavy with lots of travel.

“We created the Wiseguy with a light, travel-free adjustable trigger so that index-finger fans could shoot their releases correctly. It solved a problem. And that’s the principle behind every product we launch. It must fulfill a need and solve a problem.”

Spot Hogg Wiseguy
Spot Hogg Wiseguy

Christensen shared that the Fast Eddie XL sight in the Double Pin configuration is by far Spot Hogg’s hottest-selling sight. He said it’s the smoothness, ease of use and attention to detail that users love most about it. Plus, it’s great for hunters who prefer the uncluttered sight picture of a single pin, but with a second aiming reference and adjustable yardage dial.

“Over the years, Spot Hogg has become a leading brand in multiple categories,” Christensen said. “We look to continue that trend. In fact, we have ideas on the table that will one day expand our rest, sight and release categories. Watch for exciting new solutions in the future.”

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