Sept/Oct 2023 Update: The Archery Business Pavilion and SHOT Show in 2024

The Archery Business Pavilion will be a NEW part of SHOT Show focused on outdoor, hunting, archery and crossbow companies brought together in a common space. See which companies have already booked their space!

Sept/Oct 2023 Update: The Archery Business Pavilion and SHOT Show in 2024

In mid-February 2023, NSSF — The Firearm Industry Trade Association — announced the creation of a new exhibit area for the archery industry at NSSF’s annual SHOT Show. This exciting venture is a collaboration between NSSF and Grand View Outdoors, a leading provider of outdoor content. (Archery Business and Bowhunting World magazines are part of the Grand View Outdoors family of brands.)

During the months since this big news, many companies that have never attended SHOT Show have stepped up to the plate and booked their space in the Archery Business Pavilion. Click here to view the article about the new Pavilion from the July/August 2023 issue of Archery Business; you’ll read comments from eight early exhibitors. Toward the end of this latest article (which also appeared in the Sept/Oct 2023 print issue of Archery Business), you’ll hear from 10 more company representatives.

The SHOT Show covers more than 816,000 net square feet of exhibit space, featuring over 2,500 companies showcasing the latest in firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories, outdoor apparel and much more. It attracts attendees from around the world each year, including buyers, media and other industry professionals. Held annually in Las Vegas, it is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for professionals involved with the shooting sports and hunting industries.

Showcasing Archery and Outdoor Gear

Recognizing a reciprocal need for both firearm and archery retailers to broaden their businesses, the new archery area, branded the Archery Business Pavilion, will feature exhibits from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the archery industry, offering attendees the opportunity to see and experience the latest in archery technology and products. The show area will be designed to provide a comprehensive look at the industry, from traditional archery equipment to cutting-edge technology.

“We’re thrilled to open up this new segment of the outdoor industry to our attendees,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. “Archery has always been a complementary retail addition for many of our members, and we believe that this new show area will provide the perfect platform for archery manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products to thousands of buyers, media and industry professionals.”

Grand View Outdoors President Derrick Nawrocki added, “This partnership with NSSF represents a significant opportunity for the archery industry to come together and demonstrate the innovation, technology and creativity that defines archery with the SHOT Show.

“Our Archery Business brand has been a rock-solid guide for archery manufacturers and dealers for nearly 50 years. Many consider Archery Business to be the ‘Voice of the Archery Industry,’ providing retailers with cutting-edge gear reviews, exclusive looks at top brands, and constantly provides key intel to help drive more business in their shops.”

Archery Business Pavilion Specifics

  • The new Archery Business Pavilion will be located within the upcoming annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Jan. 23 through Jan. 26, 2024.
  • Any manufacturer of outdoor, hunting, archery and crossbow related products can exhibit in the new Archery Business Pavilion.
  • You’ll find the Archery Business Pavilion in Caesars Forum in the Academy Ballroom.
  • Exhibit space is limited, and it’s first come, first served.
  • In future years, those who exhibited in 2024 will have first choice for space.
  • The Archery Business team, including editors and key staff, will be in the ballroom working on best ways to cover and promote companies that exhibit.
  • Additional coverage about the Archery Business Pavilion will appear in SHOT Daily during the show and within the pages of other B2B brands such as Archery Business, Hunting Retailer and Shooting Sports Retailer as we get closer to SHOT Show.

Booking Your Space

To see the Archery Business Pavilion floor plan, visit As stated previously, this space will be located in Caesars Forum. If you’re looking at a map of the entire SHOT Show space, the Archery Business Pavilion is in the Caesars Forum area showing SHOT Show University, meeting rooms, etc.

For more information on booking a booth space, visit Note: Booth space will not be final until this application is completed and the initial deposit is made.

More Early Exhibitors Weigh In

Victory Archery — Jayson Bentcik, National Sales Manager

“We’ve never had a booth at the SHOT Show in the past,” said Victory Archery National Sales Manager Jayson Bentcik. “The reason is we didn’t feel like we would get our return on investment because the focus of this show was on guns and ammunition. 

“Steve Greenwood (general manager) and I have attended the SHOT Show in the past, and it is quite the experience due to the sheer size and location of the event. We walked the floor and held several meetings during the show, but never exhibited as the Victory Archery brand.

“It’s our hope that having a booth in the Archery Business Pavilion at SHOT Show will enable our company to showcase our products to outdoor dealers who don't attend archery-only trade shows. Very simply, it’s why we decided to book a booth in the Archery Business Pavilion. Any chance we can get to meet dealers face to face, shake hands, and have one-on-one conversations with them has always been a positive experience, and we enjoy it.”

Be sure to stop by the Pavilion to see the Victory Archery RIP-SS and the VAP-SS. “These two series of arrows are our newest and most innovative shafts that we have made to date,” Bentcik said. “They have been great sellers for us over the last couple of years, and any dealer who hasn’t carried Victory Archery arrows in the past should certainly check them out at SHOT Show.”

The RIP-SS (above) is a carbon/stainless hybrid arrow. The tough, small-diameter shaft (.204 ID) features layers of stainless steel fused with an advanced 90° 3K carbon weave. Even lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion, the RIP-SS boasts a higher FOC and incredible momentum for unmatched penetration and accuracy. The result is a bone-crushing arrow that’s less affected by wind and capable of punching through anything in its path. Available in Elite, Gamer and Sport models, RIP-SS arrows have a straightness tolerance of ±.001, ±.003 and ±.006 inches respectively. They’re available in 250, 300, 350, or 400 spines and come equipped with SHOK SS inserts and IP nocks.

The VAP-SS features a .166 micro-diameter shaft for maximum penetration and minimum wind interference. Woven stainless steel mesh is infused with layers of the highest quality Mitsubishi carbon fiber and is finished with a proprietary 90° carbon fiber weave for added hoop strength.

The VAP SS features include Victory’s proprietary Ice Nano Ceramic Coating for improved penetration and easy removal from targets. Each VAP SS arrow includes a 50GR Shok TL Aluminum insert (75 gr Stainless steel upgrade available) for improved concentricity and durability. Each set of VAP SS arrows is hand selected into matched batch weights within a ±0.5gr and offered in a ±0.001,” ±.003,” or ±0.006” straightness tolerance. Booth #80411;

Summit Outdoors — Paige Shipe, Associate Brand Manager

“We are excited to attend Shot Show 2024 in the new Archery Business Pavilion,” said Summit Outdoors Associate Brand Manager Paige Shipe. “Summit Outdoors is in a unique position in the hunting space, with five niche brands that all stand alone, yet complement each other while in use.

“Shadow Hunter Blinds is the most well-known brand in the Summit Outdoors family, which carries a legacy of hand-built, American-made high-quality products at a value. Showcasing our blinds in a dedicated hunting space at the industry’s largest trade show is going to be a game changer for us. I am looking forward to reconnecting with industry partners in just a few short months!”

Designed and built for hunters by hunters, Shadow Hunter Blinds are your American-made, maintenance-free, premium hunting blind. “Backed by our manufacturer’s warranty, your investment is one we truly deliver our promise on,” Shipe said. “When we say built better, we mean it. They are built the way your grandpa would build it. Lasting for generations to come, our blinds are hand built in the heart of the USA by our Midwest workforce.”

The Shadow Hunter Blinds exclusive window system offers 360 degree views and is, according to Shipe, by far the most discreet and quiet window system on the market. The fully adjustable window system adjustments are all made from below the window frame, so you never have to risk your hunt when adjusting windows. The built in drip edge ensures the windows remain weatherproof.

Discreet mode is truly activated with the blind’s blackout dual window panels. Eliminate your silhouette by keeping the outer blackout panel up and then make desired height adjustments for your view as needed. This is all while the acrylic window panel is closed to keep you warm and comfortable until you’re ready to shoot. Booth #80607; 

Otter Technologies — Ben Nelson, Founder

"Representing Otter Technologies at SHOT Show 2024 is a true honor,” said Otter Technologies Founder Ben Nelson. “I’m excited to showcase how our cutting-edge tool, OtterText, empowers firearms and archery businesses with innovative text marketing solutions.

"Attending SHOT Show 2024 is a thrilling opportunity to connect with industry professionals. As we unveil Otter Technologies' latest advancements, I look forward to driving growth and success in the firearms and archery sectors."

So what is OtterText by Otter Technologies?

“We are at the forefront of delivering tailored, comprehensive solutions for retail, ranges and e-commerce businesses in the firearms and archery sectors,” Nelson said. “You can empower your business with our suite of services, from text marketing to chargeback protection, reviews management, digital waivers, and customer rewards systems. OtterText covers everything, meticulously attending to every detail to fuel your growth.”

You can simplify the digital waiver process with OtterText, seamlessly integrating customer data into your POS platform. You can also leverage this valuable data to create automated text campaigns, enticing rewards and garnering positive reviews.

With OtterText, you enjoy the flexibility of running bulk text campaigns, engaging in two-way communication with your customers, and collecting reviews and payments. The OtterText SMS automation optimizes your text marketing strategies, engaging existing and potential customers.

Be sure to visit Otter Technologies in the Archery Business Pavilion at SHOT Show 2024 to learn how partnering with them can unlock your business's full potential.

“Experience seamless integration, innovative solutions, and personalized support tailored to your needs,” Nelson said. “Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with OtterText. Let us be your trusted ally, driving business success while you focus on serving your customers with the best products and services in the industry.” Booth #80310; 

Pure Archery Group — Todd Sayer, Marketing Brand Manager

"The dawn of 2024 unveils a thrilling chapter for Pure Archery Group," exclaimed Pure Archery Group Marketing Brand Manager Todd Snader. "With an array of groundbreaking products launching soon, we are poised to redefine archery experiences and inspire a new generation of bowhunters and sports enthusiasts.

“At the SHOT Show Archery Pavilion, we look forward to sharing our passion, knowledge, and state-of-the-art products with everyone, and welcome new opportunities to expand our dealer base. Pure Archery Group is thrilled to join this prestigious event, aiming to extend the reach of our brands to firearms businesses looking to venture into the world of archery. At Pure Archery Group, our passion for precision, innovation and craftsmanship drives us to provide unmatched experiences for archers worldwide.

“As we gear up for the event, we are excited about the prospects of 2024, as the archery participation is seeing growth with numerous new entrants in both hunting and recreational sectors. This expansion presents extraordinary incremental opportunities, and Pure Archery Group stands at the forefront, ready to welcome enthusiasts with cutting-edge products and unwavering dedication.”

Be sure to stop by the Pure Archery Group booth to see all the new groundbreaking products — from several of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, including Bowtech and Diamond compounds, Excalibur Crossbow, TightSpot quivers, Ripcord arrow rests, Black Gold bowsights, and Octane accessories. Pure Archery Group products are the solution in premium archery equipment to suit the needs of any archer. Booth #80106; 

Tethrd — Greg Godfrey, Co-Owner

Tethrd was born from a group of saddle hunters who were all pretty annoyed,” said Tethrd Co-owner Greg Godfrey. “The ultralight minimalist gear they wanted wasn’t available. Hunters had to DIY saddles and platforms out of repurposed gear found on eBay or Craigslist. Since the late 1960s there have been a few minimalist elevated hunting options. Sometimes they were called slings, like the Anderson Big Buck Sling, and sometimes they were called harnesses or saddles. When Tethrd launched, all but one saddle hunting company had failed. They hadn’t been able to figure out an ultralight system that was intuitive and effective. In 2018, Tethrd decided to build the best ultralight hunting company on the planet, and burst on the scene launching an entirely new elevated hunting tool category.”

“In July 2023, we released the Tethrd LockDown Saddle,” Godfrey continued, “and it is quickly becoming known as the most comfortable and user-friendly saddle on the planet. Tethrd is all about helping hunters become lighter, faster and more efficient. If our products don't do that, we won't make them."

“We're very excited to attend our first SHOT Show and release yet another new product!” said Ernie Power, one of the Tethrd co-founders. "We've done shows all around the country, but we've never been to the Vegas show.” Booth #80613;  

Lancaster Archery Supply — Anne Stout, Marketing Manager

When leadership at Lancaster Archery Supply heard that SHOT was adding a dedicated space for archery vendors in the Archery Business Pavilion at its 2024 convention in Las Vegas, they jumped at the chance for LAS to attend.

“The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show is the largest of its kind in the world,” said Marketing Manager Anne Stout. “Lancaster Archery Supply is well known within the archery industry as a leading supplier of bowhunting and target archery gear. But the opportunity to attend 2024 SHOT gives us the chance to spread awareness of our brand to audiences where it might not be as well known.”

The hunting market at large, and especially the western hunting market, are audiences among which LAS is seeking to become a household name, and which LAS is ready and able to serve with its ample inventory of pertinent products. Whether you chase elk in the mountains of Montana, pronghorns on the prairies of Wyoming, or whitetails in the coulees of Kansas, Lancaster Archery Supply – with over 89,000 items from more than 700 vendors in stock and available through - can help you gear up for before, during and after the hunt.

Lancaster Archery Supply opened its doors in 1983 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It operates a thriving e-commerce division at, where bowhunters and target archery enthusiasts can shop from its extensive inventory. A team of technical experts – available through phone, email or chat – is dedicated to helping online customers make informed choices as they select the gear that’s right for their needs.

LAS operates the world’s largest archery-only pro shop in south-central Pennsylvania, which also houses the Lancaster Archery Academy, where archers of all ages and abilities can go to learn the sport or to master their skills with a bow and arrow.

“Lancaster Archery Supply has been helping bowhunters and target archers all over the world find success for 40 years,” Stout said. “And if SHOT is having an Archery Pavilion at its 2024 convention, then LAS needs to be there.” Booth #80710; 

Original Muck Boot Company — Chris Lorenzo, VP and Brand General Manager

“Muck Boots are built for those who work hard and love the land,” said Chris Lorenzo, vice president and brand general manager at the Original Muck Boot Company. “Our development team taps into the lives of our core users to create footwear solutions that deliver quality, innovation and comfort for active outdoor pursuits. We are thrilled to be showcasing the Muck brand in the new Archery Business Pavilion at the SHOT Show this year to demonstrate our continued support for and development of products designed for hunting and the outdoors.”

Visit Muck Boots in the Archery Business Pavilion to see a variety of offerings, including the new Pathfinder. Built for pursuit in most cold-weather conditions, the Pathfinder finds itself at home in a variety of environments; 100% waterproof and 100% MUCKPROOF, the 5mm neoprene bootie is designed for comfort, performance, and all-day wear. Inspired by the flexibility of the highly popular Apex Pro, this boot is equipped with flex notches in the front for added comfort and high-performance. Its stretch-fit topline binding snugs your calf to maintain warmth, while the safety orange airmesh lining improves breathability. The Pathfinder’s reinforced toe tip and heel counter provide durability while the modified rubber bob sole quickly disperses debris. Booth #80407; 

Rocky Boots — Brian Gerrain, Vice President

“The hunting category remains a focus for Rocky’s path forward,” said Brian Gerrain, vice president for Rocky Boots work, outdoor and western. “Having been one of the original brands to display at the first SHOT Shows, we welcome the opportunity to return to the show, demonstrating our increased and renewed dedication to the outdoor hunting and sportsman segment of the market.”

A hunter is only as good as their equipment, and when out in the woods all day, you need a pair of boots that will keep up. Stop by the Rocky Boots booth in the Archery Business Pavilion to check out the 8-inch Rocky Lynx hunting boot. It features 1080 denier Cordura with PU hot melt accents that will resist abrasion and tears in the backcountry. Built from the ground up, this lace-up boot stands on the company’s aggressive all-terrain Lynx outsole with cushioned EVA midsole and the Rocky Rebound footbed for comfort that lasts until the hunt is over. Add in Rocky’s 1-year-guaranteed Vapor Pass recycled membrane waterproofing to keep moisture out while out on the prowl. Stay warm through the colder months with 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, allowing you to hunt longer. Let Rocky help you focus on the hunt, not your cold feet. Booth #80407; 

Scent Thief — Jay Carpenter, President

"We are excited to be a part of the Archery Business Pavilion this year at SHOT Show 2024,” said Scent Thief President Jay Carpenter. “The connectivity and opportunities that SHOT Show provides are cornerstone components of our strategic growth plan. We look forward to having this opportunity to show how Scent Thief's 'No Smell' Technology can make hunters more effective and productive in their pursuits."

You can see Scent Thief’s innovative solution to scent control by visiting them in the Archery Business Pavilion. The company’s mission is to revolutionize scent control for hunters and trappers.

Traditional scent control uses enzymes or chemicals that attempt to mask or remove human odor. Scent Thief believes it’s nearly impossible to do either. Rather than cover human odor, Scent Thief’s patented “No-Smell” technology shuts down an animal’s ability to smell. The result is more successful hunts and added confidence in the woods, regardless of wind.

As Scent Thief’s patented formula enters an animal’s nose, it relaxes the epithelium and the ability to smell. Unlike traditional smell blockers, Scent Thief must be inhaled to temporarily disable an animal’s sense of smell. It is so effective that the Department of Justice stepped in when flags were raised about stumping drug dogs. The DOJ required Scent Thief to add an ingredient that would be recognizable by the dogs. The current formula satisfied the DOJ and increased its effectiveness. The added ingredient calms wildlife while still blocking their ability to smell.

A wide range of Scent Thief products offers a complete package for scent control. Apply the field spray on gear, clothes, blinds and surrounding vegetation to block an animal’s ability to smell. High and swirling winds are no longer an issue for hunters looking to get in the woods; the Scent Thief Wafer will use the wind to create a "no smell area” in the surrounding area. Before the hunt, Scent Thief Laundry Detergent and Scent Thief Body Wash use the same patented odor-blocking technology for total coverage. Users interested in the entire system can try either the Hunter's Pack or Trophy Pack for an immersive solution to scent control. Booth #80624; 

Rock Ridge Outdoors — Trey Ferguson, CEO

“We’re thrilled to be part of the new Archery Business Pavilion at the 2024 SHOT Show,” said Rock Ridge Outdoors CEO Trey Ferguson. “We jumped at the opportunity to bring our full line of products to SHOT Show while highlighting our archery and hunting brands. The 2024 SHOT Show tagline ‘This is your SHOT’ is very fitting as we look to bring more focus and visibility to the archery market. Be sure to check out our booth to learn more about all that Rock Ridge Outdoors has to offer, meet our amazing sales team, and get a first look at the new products coming in 2024.”

Based in Minden, Louisiana, veteran-owned Rock Ridge Outdoors is the parent company of an impressive roster of best-in-class outdoor brands, including American Buffalo Knife and Tool, Cupped Waterfowl, Dead Ringer, The Grind, Mammoth Coolers, ProSport Outdoors, Rogue Ridge, and Telum Tactical. Booth #80307;


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