ATA’s Quarterly Retail Business Survey

These quarterly reports share insights on retail product sales, pro shop trends, and customer demographics and preferences to help ATA members make smart business decisions.

ATA’s Quarterly Retail Business Survey

Use the ATA’s Quarterly Retail Business Tracker Survey reports to make smart business decisions that help you increase profits and grow archery sports.

The ATA launched its Quarterly Retail Business Tracker Survey in August 2022 to give ATA members timely insights and industry updates on retail product sales, pro shop trends, and customer demographics and preferences. Since then, the ATA has shared seven total reports (three including year-over-year comparisons) with ATA members to help them make critical business decisions that help them grow and improve their operations. 

Have you seen these quarterly reports? Are you using the data to its full potential? We’ll detail the who, what, where, why and when about these reports to ensure you’re getting the most from this exclusive ATA-member benefit.

WHO is it for?

The ATA works with more than 100 ATA-member retailers nationwide, from four different regions used by the Census Bureau, to collect quarterly information. Then, the ATA compiles the data, designs the quarterly report and distributes it to all ATA members via email. The information is for ATA members only. 

WHAT does it include?

The survey collects information on overall sales, types of sales, and customer demographics. It also has a few open-ended questions so retailers can share details on the challenges and concerns they have each quarter, as well as what consumers talk about around the shop. The results from each survey are presented nationally and regionally and can be compared with previous quarters and years. The information is presented in an easily digestible format. ATA works with a graphic designer and organizes the information into easy-to-read charts and graphs. 

WHERE can I find it?

The Quarterly Retail Business Tracker Survey reports are available in the ATA’s Resource Library at ATA members must log in to access the files, but they can download them for free. 

WHY was it created?

The ATA developed the survey and reports to help members adapt to changing conditions regionally and nationally. The members-only resource provides insights into the current retail environment and helps archery professionals identify trends and hot topics. After analyzing the data, retailers and ATA members can make better business decisions that help them increase profits and grow the archery sports. 

For example, Question No. 3 in the survey asks, “What percentage of your total product sales in archery last quarter came from the following?” ATA members can see the quarterly breakdown in product sales among arrows, bows and accessories. Members can study the charts to determine which product category sells best in different quarters of the year. The data can help them more accurately order certain products at ideal inventory levels for specific times of the year. Additionally, Questions No. 4 and No. 5 further detail sales for bow types and price ranges, allowing retailers to feel more confident about their ordering decisions.

WHEN can I get it?

ATA members can access past survey results anytime in the ATA’s Resource Library ( New quarterly reports debut every January, April, July and October. The ATA emails its members each quarter when the survey results become available.  


If you have questions about this members-only benefit or need help deciphering the data, contact Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s senior director of outreach and education, at or (507) 233-8139.

For a complete list of ATA-member benefits and to learn more about an ATA membership, visit To join the ATA as a new member, contact Kim Watson, ATA’s membership director, at or (507) 233-8133.

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