Trade News

Whether you help support manufacturing, retail, or distribution in the archery and bowhunting industry, we cover it all, keeping you on track for continued success.

Full-service marketing communications firm Brothers & Company hires new media planner/buyer for outdoor recreation category.

New York-based Athens Outdoors has purchased Indiana-based Athens Archery and plans to expand the brand.

Parker Bows recently announced the appointment of Thomas F. Gowen & Sons to represent the brand in the Northeast.

From Cape buffalo and whitetails to tournaments and league nights, Easton Archery makes an ideal arrow for any shooting situation.

Velocity Outdoor adds Ravin Crossbows to its growing list of topnotch outdoor brands.

To help drive sales in the Southeast, Parker Compound Bows Teams Up with Outdoor Marketing Group.

Longtime youth archery supporters Joel and Christie Zimmer added to the growing NASP/IBO 3D Team.

Quality Archery Designs, or simply QAD, is known for building outstanding products and then standing behind them 100 percent.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry does important work, and the Pope & Young Club has pledged to continue supporting the organization’s mission.

Building topnotch bows and offering outstanding customer service is the recipe for success at Prime.